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Pfizer and Moderna focus on COVID-19 variant booster shots
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One Medical gave COVID-19 vaccines to ineligible people, NPR report says
Why covid-19 might finally usher in the era of health care based on a patient’s data
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COVID pandemic causes spike in cyberattacks against hospitals, medical companies
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Dr. Fauci says once you get your COVID vaccine, it’s safe to go mask-free around these people
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Algorithm estimates COVID-19 infections in the US are three times higher than reported
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Breakthrough drug might cure COVID-19 in just five days
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Johnson & Johnson asks FDA for single-shot COVID-19 vaccine EUA
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A 15-Minute Smartphone COVID Test Is Coming to the US
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US invests $232 million in at-home, phone-based COVID-19 tests
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If you want the most COVID protection, one doctor says wearing 4 face masks is best
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More transmissible COVID-19 variant confirmed in Washington state as vaccinations ramp up
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Congratulations to Prof @Ian_HKU for being awarded $ 9.6 million in Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) Covid-19 to conduct a project entitled ‘A multinational #BigData #COVID19 Epidemiological Study on post-infection Outcomes (ACESO)’ @hkumed #HKUPharm #medicalresearch
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Do you have any of these coronavirus symptoms? CDC says go to the hospital now
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These Recharge Rooms Are Helping Health Care Workers Cope
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Blyncsy’s Patent On Contact Tracing Isn’t A Medical Breakthrough, It’s A Patent Breakdown
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Hackers 'manipulated' stolen COVID-19 vaccine data before leaking it online
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CDC warns new COVID-19 variant is in US and spreading fast
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Microsoft and Oracle are working on digital COVID-19 vaccine cards
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Hackers have leaked the COVID-19 vaccine data they stole in a cyberattack
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This groundbreaking coronavirus treatment might save even more lives
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European Union medicines agency recommends approval of Moderna Inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine for use in the 27-nation bloc
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A view from the front lines: COVID-19’s lasting impact on the technology and science of healthcare
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CDC explains why nursing homes will still be on lockdown post-vaccine
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FBI warns of COVID-19 vaccine scams - CNET
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An algorithm put just seven medical residents on Stanford Medicine’s initial COVID-19 vaccine distribution list
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Demand is low for COVID-19 antibody drugs but shortages loom
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Vaccine Passports: A Stamp of Inequity
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COVID-19 vaccines are safe, even with long-term data lacking - CNET
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The risks of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for patients with a history of severe allergies
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Coronavirus vaccinations to start as soon as Monday, but Pfizer drug supply will be limited
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Effect of Different Batch Size Parameters on Predicting of COVID19 Cases. #Medicine #BigData #Analytics #Python #RStats #JavaScript #ReactJS #Serverless #Linux #IoT #Programming #100DaysOfCode #AI #DataScience #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #Healthcare http://arxiv.org/abs/2012.05534 https://t.co/T2BJWexX5l
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Hackers Accessed Covid Vaccine Data Through the EU Regulator
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EU drug regulator hacked, data on COVID-19 vaccine accessed
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EU Medicines Agency hacked, BioNTech-Pfizer coronavirus vaccine paperwork stolen, probe launched
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EU agency in charge of COVID-19 vaccine approval says it was hacked
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There’s something so strange about this COVID-19 risk factor, and scientists are baffled
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Moderna puts US at top of COVID-19 vaccine rollout
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COVID-19 antibodies may fade faster in men than women
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Biden wants Fauci as a chief medical adviser for his administration, report says - CNET
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Hackers are trying to disrupt the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain
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Crooks posing as COVID-19 'cold chain' company phished EU for vaccine intel, says IBM
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New Google Health tool helps plan medical visits, rolling out to Search
@9to5google.com 2 months ago
New Google Health tool helps plan medical visits, rolling out to Search
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COVID-19 vaccine timeline reckons NFL 2021 season is “possible”
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I can’t believe Fox News got an actual medical doctor to say this about the pandemic
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Crucial COVID-19 advice: Ditch flimsy masks and get these $2 medical-grade masks instead