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This Swedish startup wants to reduce the cost, and controversy, around stem cells production
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Fresh concerns about 'indefinite' UK government access to doctors' patient data
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Palm oil study raises major concerns over role in metastatic cancer
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How Ivermectin became polarized on social media
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England's controversial extraction of personal medical histories from GP systems is delayed for a second time
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The CDC just changed one of its most controversial coronavirus rules
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Hypothyroidism study finds controversial desiccated thyroid as effective as synthetic drugs
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"The medical #AI floodgates open, at a cost of $1000 per patient." My new blog post on the unexpected, important, and controversial decision for Medicare in the US to pay up to $1000 per case for a #machinelearning model to detect stroke on CT scans. https://lukeoakdenrayner.wordpress.com/2020/09/06/the-medical-ai-floodgates-open-at-a-cost-of-1000-per-patient/ https://t.co/byxRVZzXLD
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Foxconn works with Medtronic to make ventilators at its Wisconsin plant - CNET
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Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Illness Spotlights Controversial Standby
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Google tries to explain its controversial health data collection program
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Netflix removes 13 Reasons Why’s controversial suicide scene
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FDA exposes millions of medical device malfunctions kept secret from public
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The DEA is postponing its ban on the opiate-like plant kratom
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Meet the world’s first baby born from the DNA of 3 parents
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How scientists could patent the genetic blueprint for a human
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Gene-editing tool CRISPR may soon be used to treat humans for the first time
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Supreme Court rules against birth control mandate