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This magnetically-controlled pill cam can be ‘driven’ around inside your body
@cnet.com 9 months ago
Telemedicine Rules for Controlled Drugs Extended Post-Pandemic -- for Now - CNET
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Disturbing Robotic Slime Can Move Around Inside the Body, Pick Up Objects
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Remote-Controlled Surgical Robot to Board International Space Station - CNET
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Will the future medical technology controlled by AI Robot? https://interestingengineering.com/ai-future-heart-health via @IntEngineering MT @SpirosMargaris #fintech #insurtech #insurance #healthcare #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #BigData #Robot #AI @andi_staub @Ronald_vanLoon @enricomolinari https://t.co/uIs5IguMuw
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Smart mug maker Ember raises $23.5M, as it looks toward medical storage
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Researchers aim to cure HIV with a ‘fundamentally different’ method
@sechidis 2 years ago
Our paper on using knockoffs for controlled predictive biomarker identification has just been published in Statistics in Medicine. Check it out: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/sim.9134 #MachineLearning #StatisticsinMedicine #predictivebiomarkers
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Microscopic robots may soon invade your body whether you like it or not
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UConn researchers design new wireless smart-bandage to heal wounds
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Paralyzed man walks again thanks to brain-controlled exoskeleton
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A mind-controlled exoskeleton helped a paralyzed man walk again
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Brain-controlled VR lightshows could lull you to sleep
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A mind-controlled robot arm doesn’t have to mean brain implants
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A widely used infusion pump can be remotely hijacked, say researchers
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New Hampshire, ACLU Fighting Back Against DEA's Warrantless Access To Sensitive Medical Records
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Scientists created an AI that can predict when a person will die
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Intel's AI wheelchair can be controlled by facial expressions
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KKR confirms it will buy WebMD for $2.8B in cash
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Voiceitt lets people with speech impairments use voice controlled technology
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New Prosthetic Arm Powered by Bluetooth and Brainwaves
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This 'menstrual wearable' is nothing more than a sad heating pad
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You wouldn’t want something inside your body to be remote-controlled by a criminal. But many of these devices are vulnerable to attack.
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Hey Alexa, does this look infected?
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Human enhancement technology: a mouth controlled gaming device that you can make yourself
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The DEA is postponing its ban on the opiate-like plant kratom
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Dyson's latest fan combines heating, cooling, and air purification
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This is how you give a horse a CT scan
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The Ebola epidemic is slowing in Africa, but it's not yet controlled