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What does the future of abortion look like?
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Lung-health startup Respira Labs inhales $2.8M to help respiration patients breathe easier
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Everything is accelerating in the exponential age
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The mRNA tech we used against COVID could help us finally beat malaria
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Melinda Gates, diversity advocates address the long road to equality at SXSW - CNET
@insitro 1 year ago
We're thrilled to announce our $400M Series C financing, which will greatly enable us to continue advancing our vision to reshape the discovery and development of transformative medicines by leveraging #machinelearning and biology and chemistry at scale. https://bwnews.pr/3eL7G7v https://t.co/zjiIipfHZ9
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Yaaay!! So excited to continue our cross cutting medical #DataScience science work as a @uvadatascience & @UVAPediatrics faculty member! Fun times ahead!! #MedTwitter #AI #Gastroenterology https://twitter.com/uvadatascience/status/1349467632446144515
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In its latest move to expand across Europe, HealthHero acquires Irish telehealth startup MyClinic
@MonicaTincopa 1 year ago
Application of #MachineLearning models continue to show real promise in clinical medicine. #DeepLearning recurrent neural network models outperformed traditional linear regression models to identify patients with #HCV at high risk of developing #HCC. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamanetworkopen/fullarticle/2770062?guestAccessKey=62adc2c2-bf09-495e-a501-1a20d52bf098&utm_source=jps&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=author_alert-jamanetwork&utm_content=author-author_engagement&utm_term=1m https://t.co/vWqofKqqBi
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Russia’s claim of world’s first coronavirus vaccine raises alarms
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French startup inHEART raises €3.7 million to improve cardiac treatments with medical imaging and AI
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Facebook to allow ads for non-medical masks, continue ban on surgical masks
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Belgian startup BioStrand raises €2 million to disrupt genetic data analysis
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🤔 I continue to expand my knowledge in these areas: #Science #Mathematics #Technology #ComputerScience #ArtificialIntelligence - #AI #CognitiveComputing #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #Algorithms and #Models #Engineering #Research #Medicine #Philosophy #Astronomy https://t.co/IKaLLBvZ44
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Olympus to end camera operations in South Korea
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French court orders Amazon to continue only fulfilling essential orders
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The Fastest Supercomputer on Earth Is Being Deployed Against Coronavirus
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Coronavirus home-testing kits developed with funds from Bill Gates
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Bio Roundup: Mammoth Moves, Black Diamond’s Pop, Ohana’s Debut & More
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Why tinnitus is still such a mystery to ear scientists
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Don’t Worry, Overstock’s New CEO Is Already ‘Drunk on Bitcoin’s Kool-Aid’
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Progress in deep learning for medicine continue to impress. Here's the latest advance from @DeepMindAI the helps diagnose acute kidney injury #AI #2MA #machinelearning https://twitter.com/DeepMindAI/status/1156613535805390848
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HAP Partners With Livongo on Tech-Enabled Diabetes Compliance Program
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NorthStar Secures $75M+ as Medical Radioisotope Competition Revs Up
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Bio Roundup: Trump’s Scalps, Policy Pressure, NASH Crash & More
@xconomy.com 3 years ago
Bio Roundup: Trump’s Scalps, Policy Pressure, NASH Crash & More
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Aiming to change the way people take medicine, Lyndra Therapeutics raises $55 million
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San Antonio Startup Making Noise-Reducing Tech for Babies Adds $1.3M
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Student-Entrepreneur from Wisconsin Named 2018 Thiel Fellow
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Skychain’s AI Solution Can Cut Emergency Room Misdiagnosis
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Cappasity Token Sale Enters Phase 2, to Perform an Airdrop!
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Keith Teare Joins MediChain as an Advisor – a Headline-Worthy News in the Blockchain ICO Market
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IBM Plans to Utilize Blockchain for Marijuana Distribution in Canada
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‘We’re running with scissors’: Why some experts worry about VR dangers
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#Medical device #hacking will continue to be #medtech's biggest downfall #IoT #BigData #cybersecurity #security #innovation #analytics
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Thriving US Cannabis Industry Faces Bitcoin Ban
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RT @PanasonicUSA: “We have been innovating for nearly 100 years and will continue to give customers what they want for the next 100.” #PanasonicCES #CES2017
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Carrie Fisher’s most important work? Speaking out on mental illness
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Watch: We made Pig Oat Mash from Dragon Age
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Medicinal Genomics Seeks to Put Cannabis on the Blockchain
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A tale of tech giants: How Philips competes with the likes of Google to reinvent an entire industry
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1620 Solutions Creates Bitcoin Awareness Among Cannabis Growers
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Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen explains how AI will change the world
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Bitcoin Price Watch; A Short-term Cascade Effect
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Shell shock: why is a startup charging parents $180 for $2 worth of peanut butter?
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Philips Nitro speakers and headphones bring synesthesia to your living room
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In Colorado, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient may have made it into the water supply
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A RoboGlove designed by NASA will help factory workers get a grip