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Scientists cured diabetes in mice, but are humans next?
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Green tea extract may target common liver issue, but exercise is key
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Doctor who tried to warn the world about coronavirus is in critical condition
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Diabetes monitoring is having a smartwatch and smartphone revolution
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Man’s bizarre condition causes his stomach to brew its own alcohol
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FDA OKs Lilly’s Lasmiditan, First New Acute Migraine Drug in Decades
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Lung biopsies hint toxic fumes may cause severe vaping disease
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Popular opioid painkiller linked to low blood sugar condition
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Health officials say vape user with severe lung illness has died
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Nicotine-free vapes linked to serious blood vessel health risk
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Apple Watch may be able to detect signs of dementia, brain decline
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The best medical information apps for iPhone and iPad
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Popular blood pressure drug may boost risk of developing bowel disease
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Glucagon fibril structure discovered by MIT researchers
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Burnout is now a real medical condition
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Indian entrepreneur implicated in $300 million Bitcoin Ponzi scheme gets bail
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When Keeping Up with the Latest on Your Medical Condition Too-Regularly Costs a F#&KING Arm and a Leg https://www.jacionline.org/article/S0091-6749(18)31358-7/abstract #IoT #ITRTG #MedEd #SciComm #tech #BigData #genomics #immunology #PrimaryImmunodeficiency #RareDisease On the Need for #OpenAccess & #OpenScience https://t.co/EzqQXvBzAS
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Alivecor gets a green light from FDA to screen for dangerously high potassium levels in the blood
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Concern rises over World Health Organisation's new "gaming disorder"
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AI identifies 'invisible' heart condition LQTS
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How an out-of-body VR experience changed my views on dying
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Drones carrying blood could be the future of rural medicine
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A new gene-editing technique could help treat sickle cell anemia
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Common pair of drugs linked to increased risk for fatal heart condition with #datascience http://medx.cc/395316694 @ColumbiaMed
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Smartphone cameras now have the power to detect anemia with this brilliant app
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3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London
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RT @crampell: In 2013, US spent more on mental disorders than on any other medical condition. http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/early/2016/05/13/hlthaff.2015.1659
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How researchers identified a heart condition using telephone metadata and search engines alone
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Concerns raised over broad scope of DeepMind-NHS health data-sharing deal
FitBit Charge HR helps save a patient’s life
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3D-printed airway splint saves three babies from imminent death
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Ubisoft developing first game that helps treat lazy eye
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Siblings with autism rarely share genetic mutations
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Why doctors are excited about mobile blood pressure monitoring
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Sponsored post: A view on the future of medicine in 2064
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PicnicHealth Stores Your Medical Records In One Place And Delivers It To Your Doctor