@theverge.com 3 days ago
Nuro’s driverless delivery robots will transport medicine to CVS customers in Texas
@tech.eu 5 days ago
Berlin-based Medwing gets €28 million to help healthcare sector hire and retain staff
@tech.eu 11 days ago
French medtech company UroMems raises €16 million Series B
@cointelegraph.com 12 days ago
'Americans Are Getting Screwed' With Lab Testing, Says Pomp Interviewee
@slashgear.com 12 days ago
Moderna details positive Phase 1 experimental COVID-19 vaccine results
@slashgear.com 15 days ago
Fitbit promises low-cost emergency ventilators made for COVID-19
@extremetech.com 23 days ago
FDA Approves CRISPR-Based Coronavirus Test
@bgr.com 24 days ago
A revolutionary new coronavirus drug might be ready this summer
@bgr.com 25 days ago
You probably had no idea about these 10 hidden Amazon device deals
@engadget.com 25 days ago
Fitbit launches its first large-scale study to detect irregular heartbeats
@slashgear.com 26 days ago
US human trial of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines underway at Pfizer
@xconomy.com 1 month ago
Lyra Therapeutics IPO Raises $56M for Tests of Tech for Runny Noses
@geekwire.com 1 month ago
Cosmetic treatment review startup RealSelf cuts staff as elective medical procedures are put on hold
@9to5mac.com 1 month ago
Apple makes detailed design and production instructions available for its custom Face Shield
@cointelegraph.com 1 month ago
China Blacklists Blockchain Company From Exporting Medical Supplies to Other Countries
@cnet.com 1 month ago
Foxconn works with Medtronic to make ventilators at its Wisconsin plant - CNET
@thenextweb.com 1 month ago
iPhone manufacturer Foxconn will produce ventilators in its Wisconsin factory
@tech.eu 1 month ago
Medical security startup CyberMDX raises $20 million to help hospital IT operate safely and efficiently
@engadget.com 1 month ago
Headspace offers free mindfulness exercises to help with stress
@cnet.com 1 month ago
Apple designing and producing face shields for coronavirus medical workers - CNET
@DalithSteiger 1 month ago
Israeli start-up aims to marry #MachineLearning with medicine. But instead of raising hundreds of millions of dollars from high-profile investors, the company only wants to be paid if enough patients take its tests. https://bit.ly/3bALxDV #CongnitiveNews
@techdirt.com 1 month ago
Those Ex-Theranos Patents Look Really Bad; Contest Opened To Find Prior Art To Get Them Invalidated
@slashgear.com 1 month ago
That 2-minute coronavirus test FDA approval was a “misunderstanding”
@engadget.com 1 month ago
Google invests $6.5 million to fight coronavirus-related misinformation
@cnet.com 1 month ago
Amazon restricts sale of some medical supplies to the public during coronavirus - CNET
@SwissCognitive 2 months ago
Israeli start-up aims to marry #MachineLearning with medicine. But instead of raising hundreds of millions of dollars from high-profile investors, the company only wants to be paid if enough patients take its tests. https://bit.ly/3bALxDV #CongnitiveNews
@ProsumerSoft 2 months ago
At @ProsumerSoft LLC and our parent company @HubBucket Inc, we develop: #HealthIT #HealthTech #MedTech #mHealth #Medical #Research #Technology that is integrated with: #ArtificialIntelligence - #AI #CognitiveComputing #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #Algorithms / #Models https://t.co/HWwwsHGY0R
@eff.org 2 months ago
Verily's COVID-19 Screening Website Leaves Privacy Questions Unanswered
@slashgear.com 2 months ago
Public warned against DIY COVID-19 treatments after man dies
@cnet.com 2 months ago
Amazon delays shipments of nonessential items in the US by up to a month - CNET
@neowin.net 2 months ago
Lyft to deliver food and medical supplies during COVID-19
@theverge.com 2 months ago
Medical company threatens to sue volunteers that 3D-printed valves for life-saving coronavirus treatments
@geekwire.com 2 months ago
Amazon warehouses will stop accepting non-essential items amid COVID-19 outbreak
@mobilesyrup.com 2 months ago
Montreal-based company launches automated medical assistant to provide COVID-19 info
@venturebeat.com 2 months ago
AvaCare Medical’s online supply site is a window into the coronavirus scare
@UKI2S 3 months ago
Great to see UKI2S-funded @eaglegen selected for @TechNation’s Upscale 5.0 programme! Eagle Genomics are using #machinelearning to help bring #medicines to patients. The programme will help the Company to #accelerate its growth https://bit.ly/2VnO6nZ https://t.co/msvfTA100V
@slashgear.com 3 months ago
Novel coronavirus vaccine has shipped, but you can’t get it yet
@geekwire.com 3 months ago
Amazon launches on-demand virtual healthcare service for Seattle-area employees
@xconomy.com 3 months ago
Titan Medical’s Cash Crunch Stalls Plans to Get Surgical Robot to FDA
@tech.eu 4 months ago
Belgian blockchain startup SettleMint raises €1.9 million to expand internationally
@engadget.com 4 months ago
Major health records company fights federal rules on shareable patient data
@extremetech.com 4 months ago
This Sci-Fi-Inspired Device Could Replace Bulky, Expensive X-Ray Machines
@mobilesyrup.com 4 months ago
Medical company Masimo sues Apple for allegedly stealing Apple Watch health features
@idownloadblog.com 4 months ago
Masimo is suing Apple for stealing trade secrets related to health monitoring in the Apple Watch
@9to5mac.com 4 months ago
Apple accused of stealing Masimo trade secrets for Apple Watch health features
@macrumors.com 4 months ago
Masimo Sues Apple for Stealing Trade Secrets for Health Monitoring Functions in Apple Watch
@digitaltrends.com 5 months ago
Heart doctor sues for patent infringement over lifesaving Apple Watch feature
@CES 5 months ago
This health company is showcasing their digitalized healthcare passport at #CES2020 in preparation for their launch. Learn how @pass_care can streamline medical data sharing and processing. https://t.co/yeZJjEj71v