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Telus Health expands its personal medical alert services for seniors
@WIRED 1 year ago
Hello Samsung Bot. This robot can monitor your sleep (and give you a report on it), take your blood pressure and heart rate and remind you to take medicine. It’s made to be a companion that can be programmed remotely by caregivers or family https://wired.trib.al/KSkIgGV #CES #CES2019 https://t.co/7rOCO9ROSN
@WIRED 1 year ago
Meet the cute Samsung Bots. These companion robots can help you with everything from tracking sleep and taking your medication, and they can even call 911 if you fall. Read more on our liveblog: http://wired.trib.al/cug5BzA #CES2019 https://t.co/tZN4IPJ16k
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Sony’s adorable new Aibo comes to the US in Sept, priced at $2,899
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A robotic astronaut named CIMON is on its way to the ISS
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A best friend, nurse, and caregiver all in one—meet 'Mabu'
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Can a Bluetooth-enabled pill cap help you remember your medicine?
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ElliQ is a robotic companion that helps the elderly remain active and engaged
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#Lyme disease: the promise of Big Data, companion diagnostics and precision medicine #BigData... http://fb.me/OBFxYXhe
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Threes on Xbox One is the ideal Netflix companion