Laughter makes for great medicine! Here are the 10 best comedies on Disney Plus 20 days ago
FDA Approves the First Commercial Coronavirus Tests in the US
@WCAIRDundee 1 month ago
#WomenInScienceDay #WomenInSTEM come and join us. . We need #chemoinformaticians #AI #MachineLearning #researchers interested in innovating within our #drugdiscovery @compchem. Also openings for #synthetic #medicinal #chemists @DDU_Dundee.
@rionbr 2 months ago
On Jan 28th I'll be giving a talk at @isamb_fmul (@medicina_lisboa) on using #complexity science (#networkscience and #datascience) towards improving human health. Come say hi! Registration required: 3 months ago
Doctors are fighting brain cancer by growing mini-brains 3 months ago
Thanks to AI, medical treatments are becoming more personalized
@georgemias 5 months ago
Come see our poster 504w at the #ASHG2019 on detecting adverse medical events for #astronauts in deep space missions using longitudinal multi Omics and saliva. Supported by TRISH @BCMSpaceHealth through @NASA . #omics #spaceHealth #DataScience 6 months ago
TellMeGen review: Heavy on DNA-driven health results, but light on ancestry 9 months ago
After selling Auris for $3.4 billion to J&J, CEO Frederic Moll and lead investor Ajay Royan come to Disrupt 9 months ago
Startup’s plan to deliver baby in space halted over ‘serious ethical, safety and medical concerns’ 9 months ago
Psychedelic DMT discovery hints at widespread presence in brain 9 months ago
AIs should be legally liable for their mistakes soon
@SwearyStats 9 months ago
On a panel at #CogX2019 today discussing AI/ML in health and a quick mention about our synthetic medical data project. Come along and chant in Binary (Assembly also fine) and ask questions :D #AI #MachineLearning #DataScience @DataLabScotland 11 months ago
Measles outbreak just set a dangerous record 11 months ago
Popular blood sugar drug slashes kidney failure risk in diabetics 1 year ago
AT&T: Our 5G will cover 200 million people, but businesses will drive profits 1 year ago
With $100M MeiraGTx Deal, J&J Signals Bigger Move Into Gene Therapy
@NEJM 1 year ago
Data-organizing methods have been in place for centuries, but very large data sets have come into being relatively recently. The authors describe terminologies, ontologies, and the changes needed to permit analyses of #bigdata that might better serve medical decision making. 1 year ago
BlackBerry to Launch Blockchain for Medical Data Sharing 1 year ago
We were promised digitized health care… what’s the delay? 1 year ago
Get Physical: Houston’s Kanthaka Offers Personal Trainers in an Hour 1 year ago
Tomorrow's transplant organs could come from human-pig hybrids
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Exciting new precision and genomic medicine #postdoc position open in our lab. Come join a fun, collaborative, and dynamic team at #MGH working on #PrecisionMedicine #BigData #psychiatric #genomics and #risk prediction! Added bonus: winter in Boston! Please RT 1 year ago
Samsung phones will offer AI-powered medical consultations in the UK
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Always wondered how hypothesis tests and out-of-sample predictions come together (or don't)? Our new preprint looks at this issue in more than 100k simulations and empirical analysis of several medical datasets. #MachineLearning #statistics #Python #rstats 1 year ago
Get a Samsung Galaxy S9+, a VR headset, IconX earbuds, and a wireless charger all for $200 off
@WIRED 2 years ago
Born at a barely viable 24 weeks, his life began as a battle for survival. His future is a test for how far neonatal medicine has come.
@WIRED 2 years ago
Born at a barely viable 24 weeks, his life began as a battle for survival. His future is a test for how far neonatal medicine has come. 2 years ago
Inside the fight over the sugar conspiracy 2 years ago
Apple previews iOS 11.3, including battery health, new Animoji, and medical records
@WIRED 2 years ago
Today, modern medical imaging allows for “digital unwrapping” of mummies without damaging the contents within. (via Atlas Obscura)
@WIRED 2 years ago
If social policy doesn’t deal with America’s ongoing social and political homelessness crisis, it’s going to be an even worse public health problem ...
@hmkyale 2 years ago
Hard to have courage to see future that has yet to come into view for others. We need this courage among those who are entering medicine - to make better, more affordable, more patient-centric, more effective, more equitable future. #bigdata #Digitalhealth 2 years ago
How data helps medical professionals implement patient personalisation 2 years ago
SimplyVital Health Pioneers Blockchain Healthcare Ecosystem 2 years ago
Eaze is moving into recreational marijuana delivery with $27 million in new funding 2 years ago
Fitbit's new partnership will bring diabetes monitoring to the Ionic smartwatch 2 years ago
Google’s AI subsidiary was given ‘legally inappropriate’ access to UK medical data
@Primary_Immune1 3 years ago
#GeneTherapy’s Time Has Come; These Pioneers Are Leading the Way #SNRTG #BigData… 3 years ago
Lab-made salmonella boosts mice's immune systems to fight cancer 3 years ago
Grail is raising at least $1 billion to fund its early cancer screening test 3 years ago
Father-to-be uses VR to ‘meet’ his daughter before she’s born 3 years ago
The Panasonic GH5 is a big, bad mirrorless camera that's all about video 3 years ago
Jill Stein’s recount push ends with minimal change in Wisconsin vote count 3 years ago
Xiaomi's powerful air pollution beating face mask comes with a tiny air purifier
@EffyVayena 3 years ago
#IMED2016 come to our session/round table today on #data sharing and #bigdata #ethics at 14.30 @WHO @wellcometrust @CHGlobalHealth 3 years ago
Xiaomi launches bigger air purifier, portable air quality monitor in China 3 years ago
10 daily apps to help caregivers take care of their loved ones