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YouTube will tackle cancer misinformation as part of its updated health policy
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How to Win a War With Trucks, Trolls, and Tourniquets
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Icelandic startup bags €6M EU grant to fight drug-resistant infections
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Investors in gun-detection tech tested at NYC City Hall donated to mayor's PAC
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Fact-Checking, COVID-19 Misinformation, and the British Medical Journal
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FDA Expands COVID Boosters To Younger Children
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Panasonic Toughbook G2 hands-on: Rugged computing ready for combat
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Ultrasound waves kill coronavirus in simulations
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Afghan Government to Use Blockchain to Combat Counterfeit Drugs
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Blockchain Mends Medical Supply Chain to Counter COVID-19 Challenges
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Bitcoin Community Funds Italian Red Cross Medical Facility to Combat Coronavirus
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Fantastic! CIA-funded Palantir is helping the NHS plan its coronavirus response
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Tech firms donate 10 million face masks stockpiled after California wildfires
@9to5mac.com 4 years ago
Apple accessory maker Nomad now making medical masks to combat the coronavirus
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African Country Turns to Blockchain to Stem Deadly Fake Drug Epidemic
@tech.eu 4 years ago
Malmö-based medtech startup Flow raises $1.5 million to treat depression with AI
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Researchers combat ISS superbugs using a new antibacterial surface coating
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How to become the best combat medic in Apex Legends http://l.gamespot.com/6019EnCqN https://t.co/mhBDsuHnbm
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Here's what Baptiste, Overwatch's new hero, can do
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Overwatch’s 30th hero Baptiste is here to shake things up
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Google makes it easier to find prescription drug disposal sites
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Apex Legends Lifeline Guide: How To Be The Best Combat Medic http://bit.ly/2DHXckO https://t.co/fZkvRpuM97
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Scientists Find Molecular ‘Key’ to Killing Hearty Bacteria
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Ancient DNA showcases a war between our hominid ancestors and viruses
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Gunk from Neanderthals' teeth tells us they used medicine
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“Dearly Departed Friend" is story song about a young military veteran returning home to a small town after seeing combat.
@pmarca 8 years ago
"~350,000 Americans die each year due to medical treatment errors, more than all US combat deaths in World War II." http://conversableeconomist.blogspot.com/2015/11/how-many-deaths-from-mistakes-in-us.html
This Company Said They'd Import Daraprim From Brazil For $10 Then Vanished
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Facebook Puts Donate Button For Ebola Charities Atop Feed, Gives Internet To Aid Workers In Africa