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New Pixel Watch 2 bands: Metal Slim, Mesh, and Active Sport, plus Medical ID Tag
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#ChatGPT4 passed the US medical licensing exam with flying colors — and diagnosed a 1 in 100,000 condition in seconds https://www.insider.com/chatgpt-passes-medical-exam-diagnoses-rare-condition-2023-4 via @thisisinsider #AI #MachineLearning Cc @psb_dc @YuHelenYu @DeepLearn007 @Nad_Alves @dinisguarda @Fisher85M @Nicochan33 https://t.co/7plp8q0syZ
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Pokémon Go ‘Festival of Colors’ 2023 event, Collection Challenge guide
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Look what goes into making a Michael Whelan book cover
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In today's photo feature, we look at the remarkable colors of pain pills captured beneath a microscope. See more abstract acetaminophen here: http://wired.trib.al/2X198Y8 ...
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Philips Hue lights now have greener greens
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Philips Nitro speakers and headphones bring synesthesia to your living room