@introspection 10 months ago
AI experts to med students: Don’t compete with the machine. Collaborate with it! — The American Medical Association starts a #Machinelearning 101 about the Promise, Pitfalls and Medicine’s future https://www.ama-assn.org/practice-management/digital/machine-learning-101-promise-pitfalls-and-medicine-s-future #AI #MedTech https://t.co/4Cp4NiGPJX
@KhannaAshishCCM 1 year ago
Save the date! Team BrainX,BrainX community collaborate with the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine for a first of a kind series on #AI & #bigdata education,discussion & future developments. Tune in! https://s2.webeventconsole.com/cipla/cp160720/vRegistration.aspx @SOCCA_CritCare @SCCM @isccmsociety @ccanesth https://t.co/hH03WB11lQ
@venturebeat.com 2 years ago
Intel partners with Penn Medicine to develop brain tumor classifier with federated learning
@PalantirTech 2 years ago
Hospitals are using #Palantir to maximize capacity, route crucial medical supplies, and collaborate securely with public health agencies in the fight against #COVID19. Learn more: https://bit.ly/2XK9oNG #bigdata https://t.co/DFZs3cjDh0
@OWKINscience 2 years ago
Thrilled to showcase our dedicated lab space at @GustaveRoussy to @girybernard today; here we collaborate closely with medical researchers and spin out AI projects funded by the @iledefrance #Aiforhealth data challenge! #machinelearning #privacypreservation #medicaldiscoveries https://t.co/QXjWnRw8fO
@thefastmode.com 2 years ago
Novartis, Microsoft to Collaborate to Transform Medicine with AI
@thefastmode.com 2 years ago
Novartis, Microsoft to Collaborate to Transform Medicine with AI
@HattieMintz 2 years ago
Very interesting #machinelearning session #ESMO19. Important talk on #AI in medical oncology @rsnfehrmann -‘accuracy does not imply clinical relevance’ #AIchasm. ‘Future is hybrid intelligence, where AI systems and humans collaborate’ Yes! https://t.co/7Hp1T7I4yF
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
Siilo injects $5.1M to try to transplant WhatsApp use in hospitals
@venturebeat.com 5 years ago
How AI startups and tech giants collaborate to do good deeds
@venturebeat.com 5 years ago
iCarbonX Expands Digital Life Alliance to Accelerate Development of Global Health Ecosystem
@pharma_phorum 5 years ago
Zebra Medical and Intermountain collaborate for radiology machine learning venture http://bit.ly/27TBxzk #digitalhealth #machinelearning