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Sennheiser's Conversation Clear Plus are hearing aids in disguise
@MariaJRibal 1 year ago
Outstanding lecture by @NDowJames at #AAEU2022 in Malmö on how #BigData could change paradigms in #medicine. We need to think out of the box and have clear objectives, and learn form our own mistakes. Working together is the only way to move forward. Sharing is key for future https://t.co/YxaVaSMi15
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PSA: Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards could be a crime
@JudyCho7 3 years ago
Writing a grant with no knowledge of biology, statistics or medicine, lacking a clear premise, but stating #MachineLearning a lot; such grants require access to lots of data you don't understand how to clean, or what is being measured. I have reviewed a few of these. https://twitter.com/girish_nadkarni/status/1353859126011568129
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Razer Hazel Demo and Project Brooklyn | CES 2021
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Medicare Card Holder Protector Sleeves Clear PVC For Credit Card Business Card https://jumimi.ecrater.com/p/37797063/medicare-card-holder-protector-sleeves #Analytics #AI #Robotics #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning #Rstats #Reactjs #IoT #IIoT #Linux #Serverless #CloudComputing #FinTech #mhealth #HealthCare #flutter #Coding
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Common cholesterol drugs may trigger protective gut bacteria changes
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That 2-minute coronavirus test FDA approval was a “misunderstanding”
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Quarantine times for COVID-19: Coronavirus report shows days to clear
@kmborgwardt 4 years ago
I am listening to the audiobook version of @EricTopol's #DeepMedicine on the way to work these days. It's a very inspiring book for anyone working in the field, outlining a clear vision for the use of #MachineLearning in #Medicine. #DeepLearning #PersonalizedMedicine
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The best DNA testing kit
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The Science Is Extremely Clear: You Need to Prioritize Sleep
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CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing could one day ‘turn off’ HIV virus in the body
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ClearUP wants to clear up your sinuses without medication - CNET
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The Trump administration plans to ban flavored e-cigs to curb teen vaping
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China says it cloned a police dog to speed up training
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Study links ADHD symptoms in teens to frequent gadget use
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Birth control app remains under investigation by regulators, despite company’s claims to be ‘all clear’
@theverge.com 6 years ago
Cheaper alternative to EpiPen allergy shot approved by FDA
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Eligible founder Katelyn Gleason’s plan to upend the billion dollar medical billing industry
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FDA: Hackers could take control of connected cardiac devices
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Too many mental health apps put style over substance
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Why the C-suite should focus on optimization and creating a culture of experimentation
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Expert panel to Washington: Here’s how we cure cancer
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How a chatbot could help people take their medication
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Garmin adds heart rate monitoring to its latest GPS running watch
@WIRED 8 years ago
Unlike medical research, the risks—and rewards—of analyzing big, semi-public databases are just beginning to become clear.
@mashable.com 8 years ago
Apple is now collecting some medical data from iPhones. Here's why
@techcrunch.com 8 years ago
Pager Expands Its On-Demand Doctor Service By Letting Users Chat With Nurses
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Higher taxes and caution in marketing can keep weed away from kids
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The Chinese government has a clear motive to steal U.S. health data
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Feds say agile development contributed to Healthcare.gov failure