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Discover how we are building our medical search engine — Step 1: medical word embeddings by @francoisplesse https://link.medium.com/Ap1NYEB5t8 Check out what motivated our choices and stay tuned for the next steps! #MachineLearning #hcsmeufr #digitalhealth #NLP
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NIH details five lifestyle choices that slash Alzheimer’s disease risk
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What If You Can't Avoid the Hospital as Covid-19 Spreads?
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Bio Roundup: Generic Drugs Graft, ASCO Ahead, ElevateBio Rises & More
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New guest blog article by my colleague @DrewLevy on the importance of predictive performance metric choices when evaluating #MachineLearning algorithms in medicine: http://fharrell.com/post/mlconfusion
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What is ‘smart’ nutrition, and how will it revolutionize food?
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Pregnant women in Latin America face a set of choices more constrained than ever.
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American Medical Association wants to ban ads for prescription drugs
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Taking aim at the lack of transparency in healthcare today, RateRx will let doctors from all over the world rate the effectiveness of certain medications for certain...
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Meeting The Challenges In Mobile Health Innovation
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Iodine: A platform to help you choose the best medicines for you