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Nvidia says it will build UK's most powerful supercomputer
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Stanford researchers manage to put a particle accelerator on a silicon chip
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Researchers Create Particle Accelerator on a Chip
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The first U.S. clinical trial of using an in-brain chip to fight opioid addiction is now underway
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More companies are chipping their workers like pets
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Tiny Injectable Chip Can Monitor Alcohol Levels in the Body
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Biohacker who inserted travel card chip into his body gets fined for not having ticket
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X-ray technique creates nanometer-scale 3D reconstructions of computer chips
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New biosensor can detect HIV earlier and faster than ever before
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Tiny chip looks deep inside your body with millimeter-wave radiation
Toshiba reportedly selling a minority stake, possibly to Western Digital
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HMicro Raises $10.2 Million in Series C Financing
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RT @SuB8u: Tech eating animal testing! Researchers are working on 'Human on a Chip' tech. http://www.newsobserver.com/news/technology/article91642877.html https://t.co/OtnlmCnSGJ
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Afero raises $20.3 million to secure connected devices, whether WiFi is working or not
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Science fiction handwaving just got real with the world’s first biologically powered chip
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RT @Eric_Juma: Organs-on-a-chip replacing animal testing in Israel http://buff.ly/1Lgw0qE #medicine #biotech http://t.co/E8fTE5qOAD
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Deep learning might help you get an ultrasound at Walgreens