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Why Masimo thought it could take on Apple
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Apple developing possible software workaround in response to Apple Watch ban
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Glass Health is building an AI for suggesting medical diagnoses
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Meta-provided Facebook chats led a woman to plead guilty to abortion-related charges
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The MRI Machine Is An Engineering Marvel That Continues To Evolve
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Study finds Apple Watch blood oxygen sensor is as reliable as ‘medical-grade device’
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Nanopath is looking to drastically change medical diagnostics
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Gepek leverages the power of the sharing economy for same-day deliveries
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The Question Medical AI Can’t Answer: It’s unable to tell us why it came to a particular decision—and that’s crucial information https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-question-medical-ai-can-rsquo-t-answer/ #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #bioinformatics
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Investors in gun-detection tech tested at NYC City Hall donated to mayor's PAC
@ndorms 3 years ago
Did you see this? A review of public comments on a proposed FDA regulatory framework for modifications to #AI and #machinelearning based software as a medical device has found that 63% came from parties with financial ties to industry. http://ow.ly/hAWE50C5cIu https://t.co/aFTQHYcLAh
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Swiss medtech startup Bloom Diagnostics launches new testing system after €10 million Series B
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Medical Device Repair Again Threatened With Copyright Claims
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IBM Supercomputer Identifies 77 Compounds That Could Fight Coronavirus
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The #coronavirus outbreak has placed the lucrative traditional Chinese medicine market in the spotlight as it is believed that the virus came from animals used in the practice. > @MikeQuindazzi > #machinelearning #ai #iot cc HT @StatistaCharts https://t.co/Nzq9cuPE14
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Hello Heart raises $12 million for at-home monitoring and behavioral treatment for hypertension
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Thanks to everyone who came to speak to us at day one of @DigitalDNAHQ and tuning in to @axial3Dan on @BBCgmu! We're looking forward to a huge day tomorrow with not one... but two presentations 🤯 #Medical3DPrinting #MachineLearning #DDNA2019 https://t.co/51UhaKizcy
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"IBM computer scientist Guillermo Cecchi came to appreciate just how important language is in medicine. IBM is one of several groups now developing #machinelearning algorithms to analyze patient language." https://ibm.co/2PNQmQv https://t.co/OmA9hybPCy
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Willow is back with an easier-to-use version of its smart breast pump
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Theranos is shutting its doors for good
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This engineer fixed his own heart with a mesh sleeve
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Coming in 2018: The first VR Nobel Prize experience
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We need to use #MachineLearning to get better medical care and also to learn from those who came before us - Donald Rucker #ONC2017
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Scientists 3D-printed ovaries and made mouse babies
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Hacking pioneer John Draper, aka Cap’n Crunch, needs funds for medical help
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CRISPR-Cas9 inventor Jennifer Doudna’s plans on moving forward, genetically modifying humans
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2016 - The Year Gene Therapy Came of Age https://www.technologyreview.com/s/603206/everything-you-need-to-know-about-gene-therapys-most-promising-year/ #SNRTG #BigData #RareDisease #GeneTherapy #science… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/814760173457829888
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Open Bionics partners with NHS for a feasibility study to bring bionic hands to the U.K. health system
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There’s an app for everything — even haunted plants
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There won’t be an ‘Uber for healthcare’ anytime soon
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'Don't Shoot Yourself' from Ayopa Games Goes Free-to-Play, Adds New Difficulties