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Texas Court Dismisses Ken Paxton’s Lawsuit Against Yelp For Accurately Describing Crisis Pregnancy Centers
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Quest Diagnostics pays $5M after mixing patient medical data with hazardous waste
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Vibrating belt that treats low bone density gets FDA approval
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Dog cancer treatment ImpriMed aims to expand its AI technology into human oncology
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California Bans ‘Excited Delirium’ As A Cause Of Death
@abcnews.go.com 6 months ago
Owner of California biolab that fueled bio-weapons rumors charged with mislabeling, lacking permits
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Amazon plans to start drone deliveries in the UK and Italy next year
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The FBI is investigating a multiple-state hospital ransomware attack
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California Bill to Stop Dragnet Surveillance of People Seeking Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Care Passes Key Committees
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California Advances Plan to Make $30 Insulin - CNET
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Apple Watch Risks US Import Ban After Biden Administration Upholds Patent Ruling
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Ember brings Find My functionality to its self-heating travel mug
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Pushing for Strong Digital Rights in the States: 2022 in Review
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Meta faces lawsuit for allegedly collecting patient health data without consent
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Meta sued for violating patient privacy with data tracking tool
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US Health Network Data Breach: California Medical Centers Hit with Cyberattack Exposing the Data of 656,000 Californians #bigdata #cybersecurity #us #privacy #usa #california #politics #healthcare #databreach #dataprotection #gdpr https://www.govinfosecurity.com/california-clinic-network-cyber-incident-affects-656000-a-17839
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Healthcare orgs in California, Arizona send out breach letters for nearly 150,000 after SSNs accessed during ransomware attacks
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Ultrasound and immune cell combo may solve major cancer treatment issue
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Soft wearable skin patch monitors blood flow inside the body
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Facebook’s “brain reading” tech works but it’s still giving up on it
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Engineers create a tiny wireless implant that measures tissue oxygen levels
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California bill seeks to legalize many popular psychedelics
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Study warns climate change may fuel higher rates of cancer
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Ketamine found to rapidly trigger recovery from common eye disorder
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University of California SF pays ransomware hackers $1.14 million to salvage research
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Immunity Passports Are a Threat to Our Privacy and Information Security
Is getting pregnant “medically necessary” right now?
Can the US ramp up coronavirus testing? California will provide clues.
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Apple helped Stanford create a COVID-19 screening app for first responders
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Tech firms donate 10 million face masks stockpiled after California wildfires
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Leak claims California found second case of ‘unknown origin’ coronavirus
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UPS and Matternet will begin delivering medical supplies via drone at UC San Diego Health
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Study shows vaping + smoking is riskier than e-smoking alone
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California is suing Juul for allegedly targeting minors
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Costco and Instacart are testing one-hour prescription deliveries
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Overstock’s VC Arm Joins $31M Funding Round For Silicon Valley Fintech
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Cybercriminals are targeting healthcare companies with phishing campaigns to steal sensitive data
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Insane anti-vaxxer threw blood at California lawmakers over vaccination exemptions
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CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing could one day ‘turn off’ HIV virus in the body
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California City Official Uses Bitcoin Cash to Purchase Cannabis
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New THC and CBD infused beverage company, Cann, joins the race to replace booze
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California tried to lift measles vaccination rates by blocking parents from opting out based on personal beliefs. Then medical exemptions started to rise. https://wired.trib.al/dsnAiyG https://t.co/FleqArK9oH
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Apple boosts health expertise with children’s asthma tracking startup acquisition
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California Life Sciences Fueled by Education, Established Companies
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Consumers get another digital home health offering as Tyto Care and Best Buy launch TytoHome
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UPS will use drones to deliver medical supplies in North Carolina
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A huge trove of medical records and prescriptions found exposed
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California moves toward healthcare for more, not yet healthcare for all