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D78 of #100daysofpython #100daysofcoding #100daysofcode: Continuing my learning how to use 2D arrays! Now I am learning how to use the built-in functions #Python #data #DataScience https://t.co/gLPxZ2XnCh
@cointelegraph.com 2 months ago
Cyprus Hospital to Deploy DLT-Based Medical Data Management
@geekwire.com 2 months ago
Seattle healthcare workers to receive first respirators built by Ford and 3M
@extremetech.com 3 months ago
NASA JPL Engineers Design COVID-19 Ventilator in 37 Days
@WolframResearch 5 months ago
Investigate #Coronavirus epidemic & patient medical data using built-in #Wolfram Language functionality. Join us today @ 11AM CST for a live #DataScience exploration with Rory Foulger & Wolfram High School Summer Camp Alum, Jessica Shi: https://www.twitch.tv/wolfram https://t.co/VyI87TjpdW
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A look ahead at blockchain’s next decade
@SwearyStats 8 months ago
Good news everyone! I've just built the @NHSNSS's (with @DataLabScotland ) Synthetic Medical Data System, alpha version. I'm looking for people to check the code and play around with it/feed back :D #Community 1/2 #Data #Innovation #DataScience #Medical #MachineLearning #AI https://t.co/UA6IL0QGI1
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✍ #DeepLearning Tool Kit - #DLTK is an #OpenSource library that makes #DeepLearning in #MedicalImaging easier. #DLTK is built on @TensorFlow #DLTK website: ️ https://dltk.github.io/ @HubBaseDB @HubGenomics @HubBucket @HubMedX #Statistics #DataScience #Biomedical #STEM https://t.co/MT102YslO8
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Scientists built artificial leaves that can turn sunlight into medicine
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⚕️ @HubMobileApps can be coupled with Modern #MedTech. ✔️@HubMobileApps are built on #ArtificialIntelligence - #AI and #MachineLearning, that can be coupled with #DeepLearning and #MachineLearning #MedicalImaging technology. @HubBucket @HubBucketENG @HubBucketSYS @HubCentral_SI https://t.co/w1Feh9jYDr
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What top VCs look for in women’s fertility startups
@geekwire.com 1 year ago
Microsoft and UCLA reveal cloud platform to use healthcare data for precision medicine
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Thousands of ‘take action’ messages to lawmakers exposed by political advocacy giant
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
ID-Cap System uses tiny ingestible pill sensors to monitor patients
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
This smart toilet seat has built-in sensors to detect heart failure
@techcrunch.com 1 year ago
Biotech AI startup Sight Diagnostics gets $27.8M to speed up blood tests
@engadget.com 1 year ago
FDA approves app-connected digital inhaler
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Last ? from #DataScience 4 Public Health course- Who would you trust: a blackbox machine learning algorithm with 100% CV-prediction accuracy (AUROC=1) built with representative data OR a human medical provider (accuracy<100%; AUROC<1)? #epiTwitter #MachineLearning #SuperLearner
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MIT built a health-tracking sensor that can ‘see’ through walls
@engadget.com 2 years ago
'Robot chemist' could use AI to speed up medical breakthroughs
@engadget.com 2 years ago
World's tiniest 'computer' makes a grain of rice seem massive
@xconomy.com 2 years ago
Quest Analytics Buys Healthcare Compliance Software Firm BetterDoctor
@engadget.com 2 years ago
IBM built a handheld counterfeit goods detector
@newsbtc.com 2 years ago
March ICO: TrustedHealth Unites World’s Leading Medical Specialists to Treat Life-Threatening Diseases
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Forward brings its personalized healthcare service to Los Angeles
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How one company learned to reinvent itself daily in the AI age
@venturebeat.com 2 years ago
The unforeseen consequences of an AI-built social network
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Balderton joins $30M Series D for big data biotech platform play, Sophia Genetics
@venturebeat.com 2 years ago
Kony Announces New EASE Application to Enhance Patient Experience and Satisfaction
@venturebeat.com 2 years ago
Kony Helps Loop Rapidly Deliver New App That Connects Healthcare Providers With Patients and Their Family Members
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Prosthesis is a huge, terrifying exoskeleton built for real-life mech races
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Meet the startups participating in Hardware Battlefield 2017 at CES
@extremetech.com 3 years ago
Femtosecond electron-diffraction beam can produce x-ray movies
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
PillDrill gets $3 million in funding for its medication tracking system
@theverge.com 3 years ago
Baidu launches medical chatbot to help Chinese doctors diagnose patients
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
Mapsquito is a game to prevent malaria built by teenagers
@theverge.com 3 years ago
LG has some OLED TV competition from Philips’ first set
@WIRED 3 years ago
Genetic testing company Counsyl built their own robots to do the work most scientists hate doing.
@theverge.com 4 years ago
Pillo is a very ambitious pill dispenser
@venturebeat.com 4 years ago
Nest starts selling Wemo Switch, Philips Hue, and other compatible products in its store
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
The growing pains of mobile health
@theverge.com 4 years ago
People used a journalism database to search for drugs
@pmarca 4 years ago
RT @BBCLeishaChi: Wow. Scientists have built world’s tiniest engine which could one day drive medical nano-robots through the body http://on.ft.com/1TGr6Y4
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Editas biotech stock drops by 26% over CRISPR patent dispute
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This cool business card will also tell you your pulse rate
@theverge.com 4 years ago
Nuts: a documentary about goat testicle transplants that's too good to be true
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
Nanoengineers build ‘microcannons’ that fire light-up bullets filled with drugs
@eurogamer.net 4 years ago
Free DLC pack hits Battlefield 4 this autumn