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FDA just authorized a breakthrough coronavirus drug that’s proven to save lives
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A minster's look at healthcare: Providing fertile ground for blockchain innovation
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Fauci really thinks a breakthrough coronavirus drug will be here by fall
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Breast cancer ‘switch’ found to turn off aggressive growth and spread
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Brain implant breakthrough may reverse paralysis
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This new 3D printing breakthrough will blow your mind
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Another company gets FDA designation to treat depression with psilocybin
Injectable electrodes may help treat everything from chronic pain to depression
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Scientists bioprint living tissue in a matter of seconds
@Primary_Immune 1 year ago
Some are calling it a "cure," ALL agree it's a HUGE scientific and medical breakthrough... ...headline takes on this week's Ebola news: https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/15/20806246/ebola-cure-outbreak-drug-development-congo-clinical-trial #MedEd #OpenScience #SciComm #technology #PublicHealth #immunology #RareDisease #snRTG #BigData #IoT https://t.co/GSOfZdAMBQ
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Obesity fix bacteria revealed in 2 breakthrough studies
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Breakthrough research demonstrates AI can predict a psychotic break
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Researchers 3D print first human heart with patient’s own biomaterial
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Breakthrough algorithm developed by @FloridaAtlantic researchers can detect Medicare & Medicaid fraud & save the Government billions! Let’s implement now & look for other uses. #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #FAU @CMSGov @realDonaldTrump https://builtin.com/artificial-intelligence/ai-may-help-detect-medicare-fraud https://t.co/nkjkozweag
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Stem cell breakthrough could help cure type 1 diabetes
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Alivecor gets a green light from FDA to screen for dangerously high potassium levels in the blood
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GSK to use 23andMe’s DNA library in drug development
@engadget.com 2 years ago
DNA synthesis breakthrough could lead to faster medical discoveries
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"No-one would ever make fun of a real medical breakthrough". Pictured, Gillray, um, making fun of the first vaccinations for smallpox, which was based on cow-pox. http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=1638225&partId=1&people=18459&peoA=18459-1-7&page=1 https://t.co/hl1bk70rAh
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Relay Therapeutics Secures $63 Million in Series B Financing
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VR can reduce phantom pain for people with paralysis
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The ASC CerviKit by Xenco Medical Expands Nationwide with Disposable Spinal Systems for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
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Scientists have eliminated HIV in mice using CRISPR
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Apple reportedly has secret team working on Apple Watch tech for diabetes
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#GeneTherapy's Much-Deserved "Breakthrough" #Tech Status https://www.technologyreview.com/s/603498/10-breakthrough-technologies-2017-gene-therapy-20/?utm_campaign=add_this&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=post #SNRTG #BigData #RareDisease… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/835122074653949953
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Researchers implant the first 3D-printed blood vessels into monkeys
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Zebra Medical Vision Launches Profound: Get an Analysis of Your Medical Scan From the Comfort of Your Own Home
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Scientists develop a cancer-detecting smartphone add-on that’s up to 99% accurate
@extremetech.com 4 years ago
New probe measures electrical activity of hundreds of individual neurons in living brains
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CRISPR will have to wait for that Nobel prize
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Hemophilia ‘cures’ are proving gene therapy really is all it’s cracked up to be
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EchoPixel’s breakthrough VR tech lets doctors look inside your body
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Breakthrough method means CRISPR just got a lot more relevant to human health
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‘Gene drive’ breakthrough creates weaponized mosquito extinction strain
@WIRED 4 years ago
This process would not only eliminate the need for perfect match donors, but it would dramatically reduce the chance of immunorejection. (via The Daily Beast)
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RT @annimaniac: The latest medical breakthrough in spinal cord injuries was made by a computer program: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3052282/the-latest-medical-breakthrough-in-spinal-cord-injuries-was-made-by-a-computer-program by @Greg_Lindsay
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RT @evankirstel: Breakthrough medical discovery: 3D printing might be used to regenerate nerves https://www.yahoo.com/tech/s/breakthrough-medical-discovery-3d-printing-might-used-regenerate-024543325.html @pmarca http://t.co/z5dQg0NxPc
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The Eko Core Is A Digital Upgrade For The Centuries-Old Stethoscope
@venturebeat.com 5 years ago
Solace Therapeutics Completes Enrollment of the SUCCESS Clinical Trial for the Vesair® Bladder Control System for Stress Urinary Incontinence
@WIRED 5 years ago
One year later, there’s some great news about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (via GOOD)
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Watch the first FAA-approved delivery drone drop medicine down to rural Virginians