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Celebrate World #ScienceDay with us! In my group at @HelmholtzMunich @MunichImaging @ICBmunich, we combine #optoacoustic technology with #DataScience and #AI, squeezing the last bit of medical information out of #imaging and #sensing data. #ScienceDayHMGU https://t.co/FbYsnOnNJz
@Beccajfish 5 months ago
I’ll repeat the important bit You. can’t. map. population. prediction. models. onto. individuals. (Note- Medicine could use a reminder if this too- I’m looking at you, prognostic factor observational study) #alevels2020 #DataScience https://twitter.com/matthewsperrin/status/1295444130164887554 https://t.co/Dn6atAcTfI
@GreeneScientist 6 months ago
I'll be sharing a bit of an introduction to #machinelearning/#deeplearning in #biology and #medicine on Tuesday. Free registration if you want to listen! Then, on Thursday @jaclyn_taroni discusses machine learning and #rarediseases. Register for both to get the full experience! https://twitter.com/LemonadeJay/status/1283882005902524418
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Alcohol won’t kill coronavirus, says WHO
@kyleraube 9 months ago
Absolute pleasure working with @hobbes_sr, Prof Huang and @PEMelton on this one. Check it out if you're new to #MachineLearning as we tried to make it a bit more medico friendly ‍⚕️‍ https://twitter.com/hobbes_sr/status/1246307378938572801
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This nasal spray stops med-resistant depression in trials
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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!’, ‘Moero Chronicle Hyper’, and Other New Releases, Ridiculous Amounts of Sales, and More
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How AI could improve the quality of end-of-life care
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IT pros are gearing up for AI to transform health care
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The last joke is Tide Pods
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This engineer fixed his own heart with a mesh sleeve
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AI-enabled technologies could help museums survive the digital age
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Adan Medical is bringing technology to Epi-Pens
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Uber executive could face criminal charges over handling of rape victim’s records, experts say
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Nima, the portable gluten tester, is now available for purchase
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Theranos slashes another 41 percent of its workforce
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Weed on-demand startup Eaze inhales $13 million in funding to grow into new markets
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Garmin adds heart rate monitoring to its latest GPS running watch
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Leaf raises $2M seed round, launches sleek in-home cannabis growing system
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Philips intros a smart health product ecosystem
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How the most connected hospitals will use chatbots
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UK recommends smokers switch to e-cigarettes to help them quit
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Regulators plan to revoke Theranos’ federal license and ban founder Elizabeth Holmes
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Watch: Just Cause 3 DLC Sky Fortress turns you into a human F-14
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This is a story of how unexpected tech can save a life: When a woman walking her dog in California was struck by a car, doctors were desperate to find ...
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Google Names Its First “Glass At Work” Certified Partners To Focus On Business And Medical Use Cases