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Unlocking AI’s potential: Insights from Citi, NewYork-Presbyterian and Microsoft execs on Feb. 29
@techcrunch.com 11 months ago
Wingcopter, Germany’s drone delivery startup, raises another $44M from the EIB
@tech.eu 1 year ago
Doctify, practitioner reviews you can bank on, now with another $10 million to spend
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Big #government, #BigPharma, #BigData and the #Banksters want #CBDC + #digitalwallet with your medical, vaccine, bank, drivers lic and passport info. They will have total control. 1984 on steroids. #Resist https://t.co/OgS70ffCZP
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Infermedica Raises $30M Funding to Expand AI-driven Medical Guidance Platform
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Infermedica raises $30M to expand its AI-based medical guidance platform
@eff.org 2 years ago
Podcast Episode: How Private is Your Bank Account?
@eff.org 2 years ago
Podcast Episode: How Private is Your Bank Account?
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PROFILE: Dr. Amina Baloni is a medical doctor, a public health expert, and a health systems strengthening specialist. She has had leadership and public health training from the World Bank Institute, London School of Hygiene and... #ClickOnKadunaDSFP #DataScience https://t.co/lTTnkwexn4
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Talking Medicines raises £1 million to gather patient sentiment for pharmaceutical companies
@tech.eu 3 years ago
Italian medtech company MMI secures €15 million in financing for robotic microsurgery system
@WiproDigital 4 years ago
Can #AI 'Bank On' #Blockchain To Power Science & Medicine's Future Progress? #DigitalTransformation #MachineLearning; http://bit.ly/2tSC8qK via @Forbes; cc @SBourremani⁩ @psb_dc @andi_staub @SpirosMargaris @gvalan @Marc_Meyer @guzmand @antgrasso @akwyz @HaroldSinnott @ahier https://t.co/J0bNb5zOus
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The apps and gear you need to get fit without breaking the bank
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Tech Moves: Accolade names chief medical officer; Apptio hires marketing lead; Rigado has a new CEO
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Spay and neuter your pets -- and then bank their stem cells
@engadget.com 4 years ago
Spay and neuter your pets -- and then bank their stem cells
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Medici Bank Launches Private Beta Testing in October: Report
@coindesk.com 4 years ago
The New Medici Bank Is About to Take On Its First Crypto Clients
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How safe are school records? Not very, says student security researcher
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With a fresh $10 million in the bank, DotLab hopes to bring endometriosis test to market
@tech.eu 4 years ago
European Investment Bank lends up to €110 million to Dräger to boost its medical technology research and development efforts
@cointelegraph.com 4 years ago
Direct Descendant of Italian Banking Dynasty Medici to Launch Blockchain-Friendly Bank
@coindesk.com 4 years ago
There’s a New Medici Bank After 500 Years, And This Time It’s Crypto-Friendly
@coindesk.com 5 years ago
IBM, Aetna, PNC Explore Medical Data Blockchain for 100 Million Health Plans
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Can AI 'Bank On' Blockchain To Power Science & Medicine's Future Progress? #DigitalTransformation #MachineLearning CC @DioFavatas @evankirstel @digitalcloudgal @Ronald_vanLoon @kashthefuturist @CRudinschi @diioannid @_SChmielewski @antgrasso via @forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/rogeraitken/2018/10/28/can-ai-bank-on-blockchain-to-power-science-medicines-future-progress/
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Under New Leaders, Name, PegEx Raises $8M for Waste Removal Software
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Eastern Caribbean Central Bank to Pilot Bitt Blockchain Tech
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Indian home healthcare platform Portea Medical raises $26M Series C
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
UK’s Nutmeg pulls in an extra £12m for its Series D from Taipei’s Fubon bank
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The new face of data leaks is fuzzy
@techcrunch.com 8 years ago
Portea Medical, One Of India’s Largest Home Care Providers, Gets $37.5M From Accel
@venturebeat.com 8 years ago
Portea Medical Announces US$37.5 Million Series B Funding Led by Accel
@techcrunch.com 9 years ago
Health Insurer Premera Blue Breached, 11M Customers’ Information Exposed, Including Medical Records
@WIRED 9 years ago
The attackers not only had access to birth dates, member ID numbers, bank account info and Social Security numbers, they also may have obtained medical claims records...