@abcnews.go.com 7 months ago
Years of research laid the groundwork for speedy COVID-19 shots
@theverge.com 7 months ago
Nobel Prize awarded to duo who made rapid covid vaccines possible
@abcnews.go.com 7 months ago
Nobel Prize in medicine awarded to Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman for enabling development of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines
@thenextweb.com 1 year ago
Icelandic startup bags €6M EU grant to fight drug-resistant infections
@abcnews.go.com 1 year ago
Nobel Prize for medicine awarded to Sweden's Svante Pääbo for his discoveries on human evolution
@tech.eu 2 years ago
Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi invests $180 million in French medical research platform Owkin
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Teams from NASA Vascular Tissue Challenge create human tissue with 3D Printing
@extremetech.com 3 years ago
A 15-Minute Smartphone COVID Test Is Coming to the US
@HkuPharm 3 years ago
Congratulations to Prof @Ian_HKU for being awarded $ 9.6 million in Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) Covid-19 to conduct a project entitled ‘A multinational #BigData #COVID19 Epidemiological Study on post-infection Outcomes (ACESO)’ @hkumed #HKUPharm #medicalresearch
@sNeuroble 3 years ago
SO EXCITED: My brilliant husband Joshua Curtiss @psychonetrics was awarded the @harvardmed Kaplen Fellowship for “Optimizing Precision Medicine in Depression Treatment” with #MachineLearning!!🥳 I’ve already learned so much from you & can’t wait to learn more. https://t.co/EtYjC5c1dT
@cnet.com 3 years ago
Scientists win Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovery of Hepatitis C virus - CNET
@AdaptCentre 4 years ago
ADAPT Centre, @tcddublin, Tallaght University Hospital, and Trinity Translational Medicine Institute awarded €2.3M for the FAIRVASC project on #vasculitis research. Professors Mark Little and Declan O’Sullivan are Key Principal Investigators. #BigData https://www.adaptcentre.ie/news/2.3m-award-for-advanced-data-linkage-technologies-to-study-rare-disease https://t.co/TzoJ1jPDIl
@HSLavoie 4 years ago
[news] The @American_Heart Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine has awarded seven researchers a total of $2 million for three grants focused on #AI, #machinelearning + #precisionmedicine. https://bit.ly/38LA3wk
@xconomy.com 4 years ago
Aimmune Awarded First FDA Approval for a Peanut Allergy Therapy
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The Latest: 3 scientists given Nobel Prize for cell research
@abcnews.go.com 4 years ago
Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to 3 scientists for discovery of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen
@theverge.com 5 years ago
Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to two researchers who discovered how to make the immune system fight cancer
@abcnews.go.com 5 years ago
American, Japanese win Nobel for cancer research
@abcnews.go.com 5 years ago
American, Japanese win Nobel for cancer research
@xconomy.com 5 years ago
CPRIT Grants, TMC & Baird, Shipt & Drive.ai Expand, & More TX Tech
@ccn.com 5 years ago
Walmart Patents System for Accessing Medical Records Stored on a Blockchain
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Startup CureMatch Wins $35,000 Grand Prize in Global Trade Pitchfest
@venturebeat.com 6 years ago
Cytox Awarded New Innovate UK Funding for Alzheimer’s Testing
@extremetech.com 6 years ago
23andMe, Michael J. Fox Foundation to Study Genetic Factors of Parkinson’s
@venturebeat.com 6 years ago
CorInnova Awarded Seminal Patent for Minimally Invasively-Delivered Soft Robotic Heart Device to Support Heart Function
@theverge.com 6 years ago
Three scientists win Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering genes that regulate the body’s clock
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
RxAdvance Wins SMART Union Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Contract to Reduce Overall Pharmacy Costs, Avoidable Drug-Impacted Medical Costs, and Optimize Specialty Drug Utilization
@theverge.com 7 years ago
Scientists win Nobel Prize in Chemistry for making tiny machines out of molecules
@randal_olson 7 years ago
Wow! $93,562,000 awarded by Canadian Gov. for #DeepLearning research at University of Montreal. #MachineLearninghttp://www.cfref-apogee.gc.ca/results-resultats/index-eng.aspx#a6
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Nobel Prize in Medicine honors treatments for malaria and parasitic diseases
@theverge.com 9 years ago
Nobel Prize in medicine honors discovery of the brain's 'inner GPS'
@venturebeat.com 9 years ago
NIH Awards Imbed Bio a $1.5M Grant to Develop Advanced Wound Healing Nanofilm