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Payday 3's second Operation Medic Bag patch is now available
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Apple Pitches Vision Pro as Healthcare Solution
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Women in the US Are Now Stockpiling Abortion Pills
@wired.com 4 months ago
Women in the US Are Now Stockpiling Abortion Pills
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Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 no longer available from Apple’s website
@macrumors.com 5 months ago
Apple Pausing Sales of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in U.S. Due to Patent Dispute
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Android users with Personal Safety app can share medical details with first responders
@engadget.com 5 months ago
Android phones can now send medical data during 911 calls
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This Android Feature Could Save Your Life In An Emergency
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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids
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Psychedelic Therapy Is Here. Just Don’t Call It Therapy
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Portable X-ray vision is one step closer to reality with OXOS Medical
@SAOscience 1 year ago
New research from @UofT scientists shows potential for #machinelearning to accelerate drug formulation making promising new medicines available faster https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/976052#.Y71jev1JB9Q.twitter via @EurekAlert
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The future of AI and medical imaging, from Nvidia to Harvard
@EMA_News 1 year ago
Save the date! EMA and Heads of Medicines Agencies are hosting the 3rd annual #BigData forum to foster collaboration and engage stakeholders on 1 December 2022. The event will be available to watch live ⬇ : https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/events/eu-big-data-stakeholder-forum-0 https://t.co/H8N2QfkyIS
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This new type of antidepressant drug was found to work in just 2 hours
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Amazon Clinic launches ahead of reported mass layoffs
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Our 2021-22 Annual Report is now available! Read about how NCI supports Australian researchers to do amazing #science, from the development of new #materials to personalised #medicine and modelling to better predict #extremeweather. https://bit.ly/NCIAR21-22 #HPC #bigdata https://t.co/7kGsPlPedg
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With AI, personalised medicine is evolving to give new hope to patients with cancer. 🧬 Find out how in this new article available on Galeon Academy : https://loom.ly/X-EuVWQ Like and Share! #galeon #HealthcareBlockchain #galeonacademie #machinelearning #AI https://t.co/IQzTvcgyC7
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New drug recall: 67 medicines might be contaminated – here’s the full list 
@bgr.com 1 year ago
Pain medicine recall: These pain pills have undeclared steroids, so check your bottles
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New York Becomes The First State To Pass A ‘Right To Repair’ Law
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Your monthly edition of #HIVE is now available!! Inclusive of global #datascience uncovering the impact of #COVID19, new #metadata standards to enhance #health #research, medication for improving COVID-19 outcomes + much more. ➡️ Read it now: https://bit.ly/3IUFvy4 https://t.co/slVVKrnPDJ
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A detailed schedule of the DIPY Workshop 2022 is now available: https://github.com/dipy/dipy_assets/raw/main/DIPY%20Workshop%202022%20Schedule%20V1.pdfSupercharge your data and analyses with DIPY!!! To register, please visit http://workshop.dipy.org #MachineLearning #Python #Medical #Imaging @NIBIBgov
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Postdoc position available @HHU_de & @fz_juelich We are looking for a new colleague to work on an interdisciplinary project - #DataScience & #MachineLearning on medical data - Strong team with excellent infrastructure - Duration of the position on to 4 years ! https://t.co/PTUMPk2398
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Amazon Care now available across America, in-person medical services in select cities
@wired.com 2 years ago
When It Comes to Health Care, AI Has a Long Way to Go
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COVID-19 antiviral pill gets FDA authorization: Here’s the small print
@JordanJasuta 2 years ago
Looking forward to sharing a hybrid medical #nlp model at the R|gov conference on #AI in #government Dec 9! Tickets available at https://rstats.ai/gov/ @rstatsai @rstatsdc #rstats #rstatsgov (my model actually uses #python - but it's still #MachineLearning !) https://twitter.com/rstatsai/status/1466136832727564295
@EMA_News 2 years ago
️Save the date! EMA, the Heads of Medicines Agencies and the @EU_Commission are hosting a 2nd annual multi-stakeholder #BigData forum to foster collaboration on 7 December 2021. The event will be available to watch live: https://www.ema.europa.eu/en/events/eu-big-data-stakeholder-forum #MedicinesRegulation https://t.co/UpfG84istv
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Truveta is making progress towards building a living medical portrait of America
@icymi_r 2 years ago
✍️🩺 Medical R: Building a Data Package. For building a package that is largely about making datasets readily available in R. Peter Higgins @ibddoctor https://higgi13425.github.io/medical_r/posts/2020-10-18-building-a-data-package/ #rstats #datascience
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Withings ScanWatch Horizon integrates medical grade features
@techcrunch.com 2 years ago
Former Iora Health execs raise $13M to guide seniors through Medicare enrollment
@DanielMarkl 2 years ago
Interested in applying #datascience in a pharmaceutical setting to accelerate medicine development? We have an excellent PhD opportunity available within my group at @EPSRC_CMAC and @SIPBS_Strath in collaboration with @GSK and @DataLabScotland https://www.findaphd.com/phds/project/resource-sparing-direct-compression-formulation-optimiser-to-accelerate-medicine-development/?p133909
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Amazon is now selling its own Covid-19 test kits for $39.99 in the U.S.
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Pulse Oximetry Company Masimo Wants the Apple Watch Series 6 Banned
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Popular omega-3 supplements may spike AFib risk in some people
@TRBRajaa 3 years ago
TIME to move onto mass screening via other available cheaper non time consuming methods like #XRays combined with #MachineLearning Putting to use proven #ArtificialIntelligence driven medical hacks is the need of the hour We MUST start using Machines ! Humans are just too TIRED ! https://twitter.com/Nidhi/status/1385869683513978880
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London-based HealthHero enters French market through acquisition of Qare.
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Researchers develop a rapid 3D printing technique that could be used for organs
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Advancing Personalised #medicine with #AI New #research to improve #cancer prediction specifically breast cancer shows promise #data available on #github here http://bit.ly/MLMedicine #MachineLearning #ML #coding #TechForGood #health #technology #Python #IoT #NLP #DeepLearning https://t.co/RxOC2WksHp
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First COVID-19 at-home test FDA authorized for rapid results
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Apple Watch ECG, AFib features coming to South Korea soon
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Health Records on iPhone is now available in Canada
@cnet.com 3 years ago
Apple Health app now consolidates patients' medical records in UK, Canada - CNET
@us_bridge 3 years ago
#BigData: @P4LUCAT project will make available a #BigData analytics framework able to integrate patient data, public repositories, and literature evidence. ℹ️ Check the website: https://p4-lucat.eu #AI #analytics #patient #data #repositories #medicine
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Gym equipment is covered in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, study warns