@engadget.com 1 year ago
Apple Maps will show COVID-19 testing locations
@bgr.com 1 year ago
Erectile dysfunction meds turn men’s vision blue
@bgr.com 1 year ago
People won’t stop asking the internet to diagnose their STDs
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Congress is asking vape manufacturers if they used social media bots
@geekwire.com 2 years ago
Genomics pioneer Lee Hood says biological age will be key to the future of medicine
@WIRED 3 years ago
With all the recent privacy scares, it’s kind of a weird time to be asking a million people to voluntarily hand over decades of health records and DNA ...
@mashable.com 4 years ago
Need some medical advice? Try asking Alexa.
@pmarca 4 years ago
RT @LosFelizDaycare: Indica (93 weeks) is already screen-printing "Let Malia Blaze" t-shirts. Zhe isn't selling them but is asking for patchouli donations.
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
The Google app takes on WebMD with an intelligent symptom search
@WIRED 5 years ago
“I called the office asking how much the program cost, how much the application fee was. They were just like ‘Free, free,’” says American Sefa-Boakye. ...
@WIRED 5 years ago
The FBI and LAPD have launched an investigation into an attack on Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center that has rendered the facility's computer network ...
@theverge.com 5 years ago
183 scientists sign letter asking BMJ to retract its bogus nutrition investigation
OnePlus gets dose of its own medicine, courtesy of Meizu
@theverge.com 6 years ago
FDA may crack down on junk homeopathic 'remedies'