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#ArtificialIntelligence based FDA-Approved #Medical Devices and #Algorithms by Stan Benjamens, Pranavsingh Dhunnoo, Bertalan Meskó @Nature_NPJ Read more https://go.nature.com/35Bdnjz #AI #BigData #Healthcare Cc: @soumithchintala @oriolvinyalsml @amuellerml https://t.co/aCy44MTQBU
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FDA Green-Lights Roche Spinal Muscular Atrophy Drug, First Oral Therapy
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NASA JPL’s VITAL ventilator has just been approved by the FDA
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FCC approves $200 million plan to fund COVID-19 telehealth services
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FDA approves two-minute novel coronavirus antibody testing kit
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China says it has approved a coronavirus vaccine for clinical trials
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Esperion’s Combo Pill for Lowering Cholesterol Levels Wins FDA Nod
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Aimmune Awarded First FDA Approval for a Peanut Allergy Therapy
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Allergan Wins FDA Nod for First Migraine Pill in New Class of Medicines
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FDA approves first US Ebola vaccine: What you should know
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FDA issues its first approval for an Ebola vaccine
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Ebola vaccine approved by WHO for first time ever
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The EU just approved a vaccine to prevent Ebola
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The @US_FDA has approved nearly 40 #AI or #machinelearning systems for medicine in since 2014!! http://bit.ly/2mQm2dz HT The Medical Futurist @Berci #NAMmtg https://t.co/Qj2ey75kak
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European Medicines Agency recommends licensing Ebola vaccine
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Frequency Plans IPO for Hearing Loss Drug & More Regenerative Meds
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Lyft offers non-emergency rides to Medicaid patients in Arizona
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Oncolytics Bio Tacks On Cancer Combo Study with Merck KGaA, Pfizer
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Using augmented reality, Altoida is identifying the likely onset of neurodegenerative diseases
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This nasal spray stops med-resistant depression in trials
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FDA OKs Pfizer Rare Disease Drug, Sets Up Battle With Alnylam, Akcea
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The FDA just approved this futuristic lung transplant technology
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FDA just approved an electric ‘shock’ device to treat kids with ADHD
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Bio Roundup: Sage Postpartum Help, Biogen Bids Adu, Heart Beats & More
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FDA OKs Depression Drug For New Moms: Fast Relief But Tough to Take
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Bio Roundup: NASH News, Merck Strikes, Digital Tokens & More
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With New Data, Intercept On Track for First-Ever Approved NASH Drug
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Acorda Gets FDA Nod For New Parkinson’s Drug, But Rival Looms
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Genetic Medicine: FDA OKs 2nd Cancer Drug that Targets DNA, not Tissues
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Eli Lilly Migraine Drug Approved, the Third in New Class of Medicines
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Not to be overshadowed by the Apple Watch, AliveCor announces a new 6-lead ECG reader
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Alnylam Gets Landmark FDA OK For First-Ever RNAi Drug
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Zogenix Epilepsy Data Sets Up Market Battle With GW’s Cannabis Drug
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The Remarkable Story Behind the Story of the First FDA Approved #Marijuana-Based Drug (For Rare #Epilepsy) | https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2018/06/27/cincinnati-test-site-weed-drug-fda-has-just-approved/732043002/ #MedED #ITRTG #BigData #science #technology #genetics #SNRTG #biotech #Dravet #MedicalMarijuana #inspiration #RareDisease #SciComm By @apsaker https://t.co/eNC61FgOhS
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FDA approves implantable glucose monitor that lasts for 90 days
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Concern rises over World Health Organisation's new "gaming disorder"
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Open Bionic’s prosthetic Hero Arm is now available in the UK
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Currently, CBD is a Schedule 1 drug like cannabis, and the DEA must reschedule it before the epilepsy medication can be sold. If approved, this would have ...
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Medicare patients with advanced cancers will now have access to a more 21st century diagnostic: gene-sequencing tests to match them with the right drugs.
@WIRED 2 years ago
Medicare patients with advanced cancers will now have access to a more 21st century diagnostic: gene-sequencing tests to match them with the right drugs.
Smart wearable Embrace is now an FDA-approved medical device for epilepsy patients
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OMRON showing first medically approved blood pressure monitoring smart watch. https://t.co/WaWCqiP4q3
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FDA Approves EKG Heart Monitor for Apple Watch
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FDA approves first EKG reader for Apple Watch
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The FDA has approved the first digital pill
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The FDA has approved a blood sugar monitor that doesn’t require a finger prick
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Cheaper alternative to EpiPen allergy shot approved by FDA
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Can you use electricity to trick your brain into not feeling pain?