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Foray Bioscience is breaking down the barriers of bringing biomanufacturing to plants
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Dr. Susan Mertins, is exploring how ordinary differential equations and #machinelearning can be applied to #cancer data for biomarker discovery and drug development, leading to improvements in personalised #medicine. Listen now: https://www.buzzsprout.com/582022/11871011-computational-biology-how-mathematical-modelling-can-help-cure-cancer
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Some recent studies we've carried out looking at the medical literature that have applied #MachineLearning for prediction Conduct -> https://tinyurl.com/44444rx9 Reporting -> https://tinyurl.com/bdcs9rma Risk of bias -> https://tinyurl.com/ynbxh2pz #statstwitter #medtwitter #openscience https://t.co/XnYkAuIp5f
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The #AI debate, Con: @PWGTennant beautifully explaining the principles of #MachineLearning before delving into the challenges with AI being applied in modern medicine #ESHRE2022 https://t.co/AhfzihQ67k
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#Biomedical | Tech multinational @IZERTIS and @FINBAsturias to generate medical-health research and innovation projects applied to biomedical technology. The use of specialities such as #ArtificialIntelligence, #MachineLearning or bioprinting will be key https://my.mtr.cool/pydstfgptm
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Applications of AI in Healthcare! ‍⚕️ Have you worked on any such projects that applied AI in Healthcare domain? Comment below! 🤓 Source: Cognit_ae #deeplearning #machinelearning #aiinhealthcare #medicaltechnology #datascience #drugdiscovery #diagnosis #healthcare https://t.co/6NznSqF6bh
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Our #RoCur for this week is @emilyk_roberts of @UMich! #statistics #datascience #wsds Emily is a #Biostatistics PhD candidate interested in statistical methodology that can be applied in a meaningful way to medical and #publichealth data. https://t.co/jv5aWeUuad
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What Medical Researchers Can Learn From the 'Yellow Berets'
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Johnson & Johnson asks FDA for single-shot COVID-19 vaccine EUA
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The latest Conversations on Applied AI podcast is out! In this episode, @justingrammens is joined by Nicholas Heller to speak about ML & Medical Image Analysis. Enjoy! https://appliedai.buzzsprout.com/1101152/7462621-nick-heller-machine-learning-for-medical-image-analysis @egg_jend @EricNyaribo @d_feldman #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #AI
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DeFi and healthcare: A trillion-dollar opportunity for the taking
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Smart Band-Aid tracks your coronavirus symptoms
A healthy understanding
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Paper for Applied Sciences submitted... Back to my article on uretoscopic kidney stone classification #MachineLearning #ComputerVision #DeepLearning for #ArtificialIntelligence in Medicine (Elsevier) https://t.co/J6I3Qet0wP
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Happy #WomensDay2020 to all the wonderful #womeninSTEM !! I’m interested in #chemistry & #bigdata applied to #medicine https://t.co/SVK4T4KBoE
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Interested in learning how #machinelearning is being applied to imaging for precision medicine? Attend this session at #PMWC20 and register with code NVIDIA10 for 10% off. https://bit.ly/35xu1No https://t.co/MmvHp2pXHa
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning as applied to medicine and health data is often as much a blackbox as it sounds. #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #HealthTech #BigData #Biometrics #healthcare #futurism #sleep #WearableTech #wearables #medicine #medtwitter
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Can a wearable improve memory? Humm raises $2.6 million so consumers can find out
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Amazing talks in day two of the @EulacPermed Technical Workshop: Innovative methodologies for data use and management in PerMed Research @ANIIuy Montevideo, Uruguay #MachineLearning #genomics #networks applied to #medicine #PrecisionMedicine #personalizedmedicine https://t.co/cFsVVdFFi0
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Deep / machine learning is rapidly becoming the default approach applied in all areas of the medical imaging workflow, from image acquisition to analysis to reporting. #MachineLearning #ONTAPAI
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Kheiron’s $22 million Series A funds early breast cancer detection for women worldwide
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What can applied data science learn from mistakes made in the medical industry when it comes to big data? #edtechchat #edtechtools #startups #DataScience #AI #PredictiveAnalytics https://medium.com/@ashleykern/edtech-considers-lessons-learned-regarding-big-data-analytics-in-the-medical-industry-26cc3302e4f https://t.co/rAwWWhEvAf
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A.I. Enabled Healthcare, Potential & Challenges... @DeepMind_Health's Dr. @Alan_Karthi at Exponential Medicine on #AI and #MachineLearning being applied to diagnosis & therapy. http://bit.ly/AI-Enabled-Healthcare #xMed #BigData @ExponentialMed @SingularityU
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Risks and rewards of digital therapeutics in treating mental disorders
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#AI-Powered Predictor Beats Las Vegas Betting Markets In Sports Forecasting. The same techniques are also applied to finance, business forecasting & medical diagnosis, all with positive results. https://buff.ly/2NfM9Gu v/ @CompeloMedia #MachineLearning #Fintech #HealthTech https://t.co/SZS4LLqfBJ
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Nvidia Inception’s AI health care startups cover neural interfaces to better MRI
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HHS Architect Talks Blockchain's Potential Role in Healthcare Administration
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Hardware isn’t enough — content is key to mainstream VR adoption
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The opportunities and challenges of AI in health care
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Human enhancement technology: a mouth controlled gaming device that you can make yourself
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More on @DrRebeccaO Prescription 4 Medicare - #BigData applied #innovation is Ready2Roll https://twitter.com/drrebeccao/status/688866821059956736
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Google patents a wearable that tells you to take your medications when you eat
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Kim Kardashian's placenta convinced me to subscribe to her app
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Meet Enlitic, a startup that will help doctors analyze images with deep learning