@theverge.com 1 month ago
Apple plans to add features to the iPhone health app this year
@9to5mac.com 1 month ago
Withings adds medical-grade Sleep Diary to its tracking mat for more accurate and useful data
@techcrunch.com 2 months ago
Metriport helps you take your quantified self to the next increment
@slashgear.com 6 months ago
Google Project Relate Android app helps those with speech impairments
@techcrunch.com 7 months ago
UK class action-style suit filed over DeepMind NHS health data scandal
@zdnet.com 7 months ago
Australia's digital vaccination certificates for travel ready in two to three weeks
@sonu_monika 8 months ago
Can an app be medicine? These companies think so https://www.fastcompany.com/90665441/digital-therapeutics-apps-as-medicine #MachineLearning #DataScience #IIoT #DigitalHealth #BigData #AI #IoT #ArtificialIntelligence #NLP #Healthtech #innovation #Flutter #startup #data #mentalheath #digitaldrug #lifestyle #wearables @sonu_monika
@techdirt.com 9 months ago
Citizen Is Paying Users To Run The App And Their Mouths At Crime Scenes And Medical Emergencies
@techcrunch.com 9 months ago
Biofourmis receives FDA breakthrough device designation for heart failure “digital therapy”
@techcrunch.com 10 months ago
This startup just created a fast, accurate COVID test which only needs saliva and links to an app
@androidauthority.com 10 months ago
Leaked Google app wants to help people manage personal medical records
@9to5google.com 10 months ago
Supposed Google Health app leak shows upcoming medical record handling interface
@wired.com 10 months ago
Google Launches a New Medical App—Outside the US
@slashgear.com 10 months ago
World Health Organization launches free yoga app on Android and iOS
@theregister.com 1 year ago
NHS App gets go-ahead for UK vaccine passport use despite protest from privacy groups
@theregister.com 1 year ago
NHS App gets go-ahead for vaccine passport use despite protest from privacy groups
@benedictevans 1 year ago
The curation problem: Apple blocked a fetal hart-beat monitor on advice from its medical team, but also a Huawei app for being a shopfront for a competitor (?) https://t.co/9LpkSIPABs
@9to5google.com 1 year ago
Google Health working on patient tool for viewing medical records
@danilop 1 year ago
CoDetect: A Serverless AI-Powered Web App for Detecting Medical Conditions in CT Scans https://buff.ly/3rqdczd #AWS #MachineLearning #Serverless #Healthcare https://t.co/3RasiYn9qP
Google wants to crowdsource data for medial research with its new Health Studies app
Google’s new Android app lets you contribute to health research
@neowin.net 1 year ago
Google launches new app to let Android users participate in health research
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Apple Watch NightWare nightmare disorder app gets FDA authorization
@engadget.com 1 year ago
FDA clears Apple Watch app to help treat PTSD-related nightmares
@engadget.com 1 year ago
AI can detect COVID-19 by listening to your coughs
@coindesk.com 1 year ago
Overstock Touts Voatz Blockchain Voting App as Solution to US Election Fracas
@mobilesyrup.com 1 year ago
Health Records on iPhone is now available in Canada
@neowin.net 1 year ago
Apple rolls out Health Records feature to iPhone users in the UK and Canada
@zdnet.com 1 year ago
Apple just expanded the reach of its iPhone health records feature
@cnet.com 1 year ago
Apple Health app now consolidates patients' medical records in UK, Canada - CNET
Apple launches the Health Records feature in the United Kingdom and Canada
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Samsung's newest watches can now take ECG readings in the US
@NimaRoohiS 1 year ago
“The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services agreed to reimburse hospitals for use of Viz LVO, a smartphone app that spots signs of stroke so patients can receive time-critical treatment...” @DeepLearningAI_ #AI #MachineLearning #MedTech https://t.co/HleaeaUkDe
@macrumors.com 1 year ago
Apple Watch ECG Feature Receives Final Medical Approval in Japan
@engadget.com 1 year ago
This $99 'smart case' records when you take your birth control pill
@tech.eu 1 year ago
Amsterdam-based Siilo’s secure medical messaging app secures $10.5 million Series A
@ccn.com 1 year ago
It’s Time for Dr. Phil to Take a Dose of His Own Medicine
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Germany's COVID-19 contact tracing app arrives this week
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Apple's COVID-19 screening tool can anonymously share symptoms with the CDC
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Italy's 'Immuni' COVID-19 contact tracing app uses Google, Apple tech
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Purdue researchers create a smartphone app to help assess anemia
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Fitbit's in-app study will determine if wearables can detect COVID-19
@slashgear.com 1 year ago
Google Action Blocks would make iPhone simple again
@engadget.com 2 years ago
WHO will launch a COVID-19 app for countries that don't make their own
@engadget.com 2 years ago
France will start testing its COVID-19 tracking app the week of May 11th
@engadget.com 2 years ago
India requires all workers to use its COVID-19 tracking app
@engadget.com 2 years ago
Australia rolls out COVID-19 tracking app with privacy concerns
@theregister.co.uk 2 years ago
You have one job, Australian PM tells contact-tracing app, and that’s talking to medicos