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Pfizer and Moderna focus on COVID-19 variant booster shots
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FDA authorizes a unique daytime gadget to treat snoring and sleep apnea
@slashgear.com 21 days ago
Johnson & Johnson asks FDA for single-shot COVID-19 vaccine EUA
@coindesk.com 1 month ago
Overstock Turns Medici Ventures Into a Fund to Reap Value of Blockchain Assets
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Injectable extended-release HIV regimen gets milestone FDA approval
@TechRadar 1 month ago
Razer Hazel Demo and Project Brooklyn | CES 2021
@geekwire.com 1 month ago
Health benefits platform Accolade will pay $460M to acquire telemedicine startup 2nd.MD
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AI-powered microscope brings a new tool to the fight against cancer
@neowin.net 3 months ago
Amazon begins selling prescription medication, includes Prime discounts
@thenextweb.com 3 months ago
Here’s what you need to know about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine
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Florida will release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes
@slashgear.com 3 months ago
Denmark to cull all mink after warning about ‘serious’ virus mutation risk
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Orange Belgium's 5G SA Network Powers Helicus' Drones for Shipping Medical Supplies
@thefastmode.com 4 months ago
Orange Belgium's 5G SA Network Powers Helicus' Drones for Shipping Medical Supplies
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This groundbreaking new coronavirus cure is unlike any other drug we’ve seen so far
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FDA approves Inmazeb, the first Ebola treatment for children and adults
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This is the best news about a coronavirus cure we’ve gotten in weeks
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Cambridge researchers develop invisible fibers for health monitoring
@theverge.com 6 months ago
LG officially announces its battery-powered air purifier mask
@tech.eu 6 months ago
Swiss medtech startup Bloom Diagnostics launches new testing system after €10 million Series B
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LG TONE Free earbuds released in USA, kill germs with light
@engadget.com 7 months ago
DoorDash now delivers 'everyday essentials' from Walgreens
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Medical device startup LumiThera raises $14M to further develop treatment for ocular disorders
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How to find coronavirus testing centers in India using Google services
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SK Telecom Further Invests in Medical Imaging Startup Nanox
@thefastmode.com 8 months ago
SK Telecom Further Invests in Medical Imaging Startup Nanox
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Moderna’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine enters Phase 2 with human testing
@thenextweb.com 9 months ago
CVS is testing driverless vehicles in Houston for safe, socially distanced medical deliveries
@cointelegraph.com 9 months ago
Crypto Healthcare Project Announces Telehealth Exchange for Remote Medicine
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Moderna details positive Phase 1 experimental COVID-19 vaccine results
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Fitbit promises low-cost emergency ventilators made for COVID-19
Is getting pregnant “medically necessary” right now?
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US human trial of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines underway at Pfizer
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NASA engineers develop VITAL ventilator for milder cases of COVID-19
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FDA Approves First At-Home Coronavirus Test
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Instacart starts delivering prescriptions from Costco in several states
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DARPA seeks an implantable ‘travel adapter’ for soldiers’ bodies
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Apple publishes new details for its Face Shield designed to help health workers avoid coronavirus
@macrumors.com 10 months ago
Apple Donating Over 20 Million Masks to Healthcare Professionals, Producing Face Shields With Suppliers
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FDA expands on 2 coronavirus treatment trials
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New COVID-19 vaccine heads to clinical trial: Here’s the release timeline
@extremetech.com 11 months ago
UK Plans to Roll Out 15-Minute Home Coronavirus Test Kits This Week
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Amazon has 9 new exclusive deals only for Prime members
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Lyft to deliver food and medical supplies during COVID-19
@digitaltrends.com 11 months ago
Lyft will deliver meals and medical supplies in shelter-in-place locations
@extremetech.com 11 months ago
IBM Supercomputer Identifies 77 Compounds That Could Fight Coronavirus
@macrumors.com 11 months ago
Apple Pledges Substantial Donation With Medical Supplies to Italy's First Responders and Medical Personnel
@9to5mac.com 11 months ago
Tim Cook says Apple making ‘substantial donation’ including medical supplies to Italy amid COVID-19