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Amazon Care now available across America, in-person medical services in select cities
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Truveta is making progress towards building a living medical portrait of America
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America, where a fully insured couple with annual income of $40k can get $100k of medical bills. https://www.wsj.com/articles/hospital-prices-arbitrary-healthcare-medical-bills-insurance-11635428943 https://t.co/zfTCR1vMRv
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Scientists invented a tiny gadget to alleviate bad breath paranoia
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5 #Technologies That Will Transform #Medicine In Post-#Pandemic America http://bit.ly/39If27s @forbes @RobertPearlMD 1⃣ #Telemedicine 2⃣ #DrugDiscovery 3⃣ #BigData #Analytics 4⃣ #PatientEngagement & #DecisionSupport 5⃣ #ArtificialIntelligence #TelemedNow #hcldr #healthcare https://t.co/VZ6EcKQ6HV
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Crucial COVID-19 advice: Ditch flimsy masks and get these $2 medical-grade masks instead
No more maté sharing
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Why isn't AI helping us today with COVID-19?
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Coronavirus Kills Medics Wearing Trash Bags as Trump Screams ‘Congratulations AMERICA’
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Let's give America $1000 a month safety net for life! @AndrewYang for president. #UBI #AI #LGBT #Medicine #ClimateChangeIsReal #MachineLearning #McDonalds #truckers #Amazon #florida #NewHampshire #iowa #california #nevada #NewYork #ohio #Pennsylvania #Wisconsin #YangGang https://twitter.com/DFWforYang/status/1181863813609644032
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Leading Medical Charity Exploits Cryptocurrency Tax Status by Accepting Bitcoin and Others
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Why you should naturalize — now, not later
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Bio Roundup: Head and Spine Previews, Biogen Moves, IPO Dreams & More
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Nvidia’s Clara health care platform and medical imaging SDKs hit general availability
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Patterns, Predictability, and the Rise of Donald Trump 
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Facebook partners with business and nonprofits to offer help in crisis
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The California pot industry isn’t afraid of the US Attorney General
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Cannabis and Blockchain – The Perfect Match
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Starting today, VA Video Connect will be offered by 300 medical providers at 67 VA hospitals and clinics across the country, with plans to expand the tool ...
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Drug Delivery Implants, Electrical Stimulation Can Manage Chronic Pain
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This smart cap won't let you forget to take your medicine
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RT @erikbryn: America has a long track record as a powerhouse of scientific and medical research, and as a global magnet for talent.But that can end.
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Preventable death rates in rural America are higher than in cities
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How real-time data helps Feeding America fill the meal gap for 49 million (VB Live)
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Why doctors are struggling to treat the gun violence epidemic
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Pregnant women in Latin America face a set of choices more constrained than ever.
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Obama wants to build an exascale supercomputer by 2025
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YC -Backed Akido Labs Provides A Standardized API Layer For Hospital App Developers
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Meet Odin Biron, the 30-year-old Minnesotan who has transformed into an unlikely heartthrob and the de facto face of America in Russian pop culture at a time when...
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This freelance writer suffers from severe Tourette’s syndrome, but his prescription medication costs $720 a month in America (and that's with health insurance)....
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Supreme Court rules against birth control mandate