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A bug in a medical startup’s website put thousands of COVID-19 test results at risk
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Ads on Facebook are spreading misinformation about anti-HIV drugs
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Apple bans vaping apps from the App Store
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Amazon workers in Sacramento are protesting the company’s strict time-off rules
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Bavarian police can use DNA to find suspects’ eye and hair color
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Ancient DNA showcases a war between our hominid ancestors and viruses
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23andMe is finally allowed to tell you if you have the genes for Parkinsons
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Troubled blood-testing company Theranos earned precisely nothing in 2015 and 2016
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Watch: We made Pig Oat Mash from Dragon Age
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Microscopic magnets could revolutionize drug delivery
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US government set to open the door for more medical marijuana research
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RT @SaraMurray: Trump says he thinks medical marijuana should be allowed and otherwise it should be left up to the states
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RT @vkhosla: Human error rate in medicine is ~ as if Google' driverless car was allowed to drive if it had <1 accident a week; ICU errors kill>cars in US
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Colorado sells 20 tons of recreational weed yet demand for medical marijuana remains high
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Congress rolled a major victory for medical marijuana in a spending bill
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Oculus Rift allows medical students to experience a procedure from a surgeon’s perspective