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A man allergic to cold temperatures nearly died after a hot shower
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HIV vaccine testing ends in disappointment
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Aimmune Awarded First FDA Approval for a Peanut Allergy Therapy
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This ‘watch’ may be the future of emergency allergy shots
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Syringe 'watch' puts a life-saving allergy shot on your wrist
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Life sciences startup Avro aims to deliver drugs to children and the elderly through skin patches
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$40 keychain-size detector quickly alerts you of allergens in food
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Cheaper alternative to EpiPen allergy shot approved by FDA
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The Zyrtec Alexa skill can identify your allergy
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This photo is the most beautiful depiction of our allergy nightmare
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Sean Parker donates $24 million to create Stanford allergy research center
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Uber launches ‘Corner Store’ delivery service in Washington DC
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Uber to launch on-demand product deliveries in Washington D.C.