@engadget.com 1 year ago
Amazon's Alexa caregiver service now allows custom alerts
@geekwire.com 3 years ago
UW scientists turn Amazon’s Alexa into heart monitoring device using sound waves
@zdnet.com 4 years ago
Amazon pushes ahead with its healthcare master-plan: Now Alexa can remind you to take your medicine
@neowin.net 4 years ago
You can now receive medication reminders from Amazon Alexa
@slashgear.com 4 years ago
Alexa can now remind you to take medication and refill prescriptions
@engadget.com 4 years ago
Alexa can refill your prescription and remind you to take it
@geekwire.com 4 years ago
Amazon’s Alexa can now order prescription refills and remind people to take their medicine
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
Amazon launches medication management features for Alexa
@thenextweb.com 4 years ago
UK Alexa users can now get answers to medical questions right from the NHS
@geekwire.com 4 years ago
UK’s National Health Service taps Amazon’s Alexa to field common medical questions
@cnet.com 4 years ago
Amazon Alexa teams with NHS to offer basic medical advice - CNET
@mashable.com 4 years ago
You'll soon be able to ask Alexa for medical advice in the UK
@abcnews.go.com 4 years ago
UK health service to use Amazon Alexa to give medical advice
@engadget.com 4 years ago
Amazon's Alexa will give medical advice from the NHS
@theverge.com 4 years ago
Amazon’s Alexa will deliver NHS medical advice in the UK
@venturebeat.com 4 years ago
Google Assistant bests Alexa and Siri in most-used medication knowledge
@gp_pulipaka 5 years ago
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Amazon's first HIPAA-compliant Alexa skills help track your healthcare
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Amazon Alexa launches its first HIPAA-compliant medical skills
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Cedars-Sinai puts Amazon Alexa in patient rooms as part of a pilot program
@engadget.com 5 years ago
Willow is back with an easier-to-use version of its smart breast pump
@engadget.com 6 years ago
Amazon reportedly wants Alexa to be your new in-home physician
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
AI is now the best friend IT ever had
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
The Zyrtec Alexa skill can identify your allergy
@mashable.com 7 years ago
Need some medical advice? Try asking Alexa.
@theverge.com 7 years ago
Alexa will now give you medical advice, courtesy of WebMD
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
Hey Alexa, does this look infected?
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
Google Home launches support for WebMD, Quora, Dominos, and dozens more
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
Alexa now talks to General Electric appliances
@mashable.com 7 years ago
Philips' motion sensor turns on your smart lights when you walk into a room