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COVID-19 vaccines delivered to rural parts of Africa using drones
@cointelegraph.com 10 months ago
Opportunities for Blockchain-Based Technologies in African Healthcare
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Medical delivery drones can be a critical tool in the U.S. coronavirus response
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European Medicines Agency recommends licensing Ebola vaccine
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First up at our Meetup is our very own data scientist, Jonathan Gerrand, with his talk: Medical Imaging within Africa: A prescription for promise or a poor prognosis? #datascience #machinelearning #medicalimaging https://t.co/38Rr3VXnIy
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Only 2% of genomic material available for research comes from Africa, 54gene wants to change that
@IBMWatson 4 years ago
20 biologists in South Africa are using #machinelearning to find why a strain of malaria is resistant to medicine:… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/810906579398696961
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November in Africa: Tech funding news and gig-economy developments
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Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services
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RT @varund7: Necessity -> technology-enabled ingenuity. Path-breaking drone networks in Africa for food, medicines: https://t.co/jrpwRQ9ovc
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This vaginal ring can safely reduce the risk of HIV in women, trial shows
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RT @BaldingsWorld: Patients shouldn't beat up doctors, but medical care in rural Africa is better than most of China. There's a reason https://twitter.com/wangxiangweihk/status/678892013710798849
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With Reid Hoffman’s Backing, Development Economists Build Segovia, A Startup That Tackles Poverty
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The fight against Ebola is far from over, researchers say
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Experimental Ebola vaccine makes researchers hopeful in human trials
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Google made a tablet for Ebola fighters that can be sanitized with chlorine
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Penis transplant declared successful for the first time in history
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HIV prevention trial in Africa is a dud
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The Ebola epidemic is slowing in Africa, but it's not yet controlled
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Facebook Puts Donate Button For Ebola Charities Atop Feed, Gives Internet To Aid Workers In Africa
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Unproven ebola drugs deemed ethical by the World Health Organization