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8 cannabis investors share their outlook on the European market in H1 2022
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CDC warns atypical RSV spike in parts of US puts young kids at risk
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Samsung's newest watches can now take ECG readings in the US
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Placebos can have a powerful effect even if they’re not a secret
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Canada just gave some people permission to use magic mushrooms
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Inactive medicine ingredients may be actively harmful, study warns
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Mount Sinai study suggests social media may help some people keep active during COVID-19 lockdown
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Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG has been cleared for use in South Korea
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Samsung gets approval for Galaxy Watch Active 2's ECG, but only in Korea
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Rare coronavirus case appears to stay infective 49 days in early preprint report
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The problem starts with the world’s reliance on Chinese drug manufacturing. The country is the world’s largest producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and much of the US drug and medical supplies are made there 2/ https://wired.trib.al/XTkbh8h https://t.co/aVbHCtMmee
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One in every 172 active RSA certificates are vulnerable to attack
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Looking for pediatric cardiologists to read 8-second single lead ECG rhythm strips for collaboration on an #AI #MachineLearning #DigitalHealth clinical trial Requirements 1. Board certified 2. Active medical license Can Read ECGs online, phone, tablet DM if interested!
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Second Ebola vaccine will be deployed in the DRC next month
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Embryo-inspired bandages close wounds better than Band-Aids
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Galaxy Watch Active 2 will do an Apple Watch 4 with health features
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ScriptDrop delivers your prescriptions with pizzazz
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ElliQ is a robotic companion that helps the elderly remain active and engaged
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The first four apps with Apple CareKit hit the App Store
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The Nobel Prize in medicine is going to three scientists for the discovery of two anti-parasitic therapies.