@SwissCognitive 20 days ago
Pharmaceutical companies are using #ArtificialIntelligence to streamline the process of discovering new #medicines. #MachineLearning models doing it in minutes what might take humans months to achieve manually🦾 cc @joana_ut @ageitgey @mvollmer1 #AI http://ow.ly/Vp0b50ISl2k
@ziegler_md 9 months ago
Dr. Elsie Ross (@tyingwithpolish) from @stanfordvasc delivering a mindbowing talk on using #machinelearning, #ArtificialIntelligence, #bigdata to achieve personalized medicine in Vascular Surgery for the Roy Greenberg Distinguished Lecture. 🤯. Tech geek me is totally fanboying. https://t.co/82l7qgkrKs
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