@9to5mac.com 4 days ago
Should you be concerned about health and safety with Apple’s mixed reality headset?
@ronanhsieh 4 days ago
Great morning discussion with Alex @teweishieh at Chicago #ASCO23 a physician and computer scientist who will start his career at @MDAndersonNews about #Machinelearning in medicine. https://t.co/MI7RDn8VBY
@Radiology_AI 5 days ago
The Role of Federated Learning Models in Medical Imaging https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.230136 @Hopkins_Rad #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #LiverTumor https://t.co/cXZ9eb7XAZ
@WIRED 5 days ago
We gazed into the crystal ball in the WIRED office to glimpse the future of medical technology. What we saw were 8 innovations that may soon be in a hospital ward near you. Including: 🤖 Fully Autonomous Surgical Robots Smart Toilets That Can Detect Disease https://t.co/5TDOFYAgsh
@TheAdityaPatro 5 days ago
Medicine delivery by drone v/@IntEngineering #TechForGood #drones #AI #OPENAI #GenerativeAI #ChatGPT #DataScientist #Tech #BigData #Analytics #innovation #Crypto #MachineLearning #TensorFlow #coding #IoT #100DaysOfCode #NodeJS #Python #Metaverse #web3 #Blockchain #Fintech #NodeJS… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1664274895902220291 https://t.co/wJdGkMSjMS
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Ransomware attack exposes sensitive data for nearly 9 million dental patients
@techcrunch.com 7 days ago
NXP unveils its latest processor, the i.MX 91, during Computex
@WIRED 7 days ago
With new discussions around appetite-inhibitor medicines like Ozempic, it’s an interesting time to be the new CEO of WW, a service that, despite its millions of satisfied subscribers, has hoards of critics calling its points-based system the epitome of unhealthy diet culture. 6/8 https://t.co/fYX7GVIBwy
@WIRED 7 days ago
With new discussions around appetite-inhibitor medicines like Ozempic, it’s an interesting time to be the new CEO of WW, a service that, despite its millions of satisfied subscribers, has hoards of critics calling its points-based system the epitome of unhealthy diet culture. 6/8 https://t.co/18YBq1r5gO
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FTC Gives Fertility App $200k Wrist Slap For Sharing Sensitive Medical Info
@techcrunch.com 7 days ago
Wellplaece wants to put a smile on dentists’ face with new supply procurement marketplace
@ComputerSociety 9 days ago
#ICHI2023 is focused on the applications of #ComputerScience, #InformationScience, and #DataScience! The goal of this conference is to find solutions that support #Research in #Healthcare, #Medicine, and everyday #Wellness. Reserve your spot @ https://bit.ly/3opChhD #IEEE https://t.co/iznZwEVHgy
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The MRI Machine Is An Engineering Marvel That Continues To Evolve
@eff.org 11 days ago
Californians: Speak Up To Protect People Seeking Repro and Gender-Affirming Care
@macrumors.com 11 days ago
The MacRumors Show: Arnold Kim Discusses History of MacRumors and More
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Swiss researchers use a wireless BCI to help a spinal injury patient walk more naturally
@SchoolOfEng_UoE 11 days ago
Delighted for our PhD student Salvador Barranco Cárceles, who has won a prestigious Alan Turing Enrichment Scheme placement. Salva will spend six months at @turinginst working on #machinelearning algorithms to improve 3D medical imaging devices. More: https://edin.ac/3IHlRsg https://t.co/MneL0qNcO7
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Elon Musk's Neuralink Finally Gets FDA Approval For Human Testing
@engadget.com 12 days ago
Neuralink receives FDA clearance to begin human trials of its brain-computer interface
@Dr_HuiwenXu 12 days ago
I literally want to cry when I saw this #machinelearning paper was accepted by Medical Care! I started it in 2018, presented at Arm 2019. Then busy with graduation, started my 1st job, then two years in my 2nd job @UTMB_SPPH this paper was finally published, in 2023! @UTMB_SCOA https://t.co/SPT6WwvhIC
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AI Helps Scientists Discover Superbug-Fighting Antibiotic
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Daring Apple privacy video is in Chinese, but we can still enjoy it
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Ministry of Justice rapped by ICO for old fashioned data leak
@globaliqx 13 days ago
Data from wearables could be a boon to mental health diagnosis By @medical_xpress https://buff.ly/3IBXEDx #Wearables #MentalHealth #BigData #IoT #DigitalHealth #eHealth @FrRonconi @JimHarris @IrmaRaste @AlbertoEMachado https://t.co/xzfyJZ2uHD
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Meet the tiny, wireless sleep apnea diagnostic wearable headed for the US
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ChatGPT can't pass these medical exams – yet
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Prime Members Can Save 20% On Everyday Essentials at Amazon - CNET
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Congratulations @NUFC!!! Qualifying for the @ChampionsLeague for the first time in 20 years. We’re proud to work so closely with your incredible Medical and Performance Department’s. #NUFC #ChampionsLeague #biomarkers #DataScience #team #recoverylab https://t.co/XnZPzzJ98C
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#MixedReality help Doctors 🥼 to see CT & MRI imaging via Gesture/Voice #AR #MR #VR #AI #Reactjs #IoT #DEVCommunity #DataScience #BigData #HealthCare #HealthTech #medicine #meded #surgery #hololens #MedTwitter MAny thanks @Innov_Medicine https://t.co/zUIQZO9Hqd
@wired.com 15 days ago
Gene Therapy in the Womb Is Inching Closer to Reality
@ProstatePioneer 16 days ago
Dr. @Sevans_axelsson, @EFPIA Project Lead & Medical Advisor @Bayer.AB presents the #ProstatePIONEER highlights and the overall progress of the project seeking to enhance #prostatecancer diagnosis and treatment through the power of #bigdata. #ProstatePIONEER_GA23 https://t.co/XeDz7PuZit
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Researchers may have discovered a new way to restore vision in humans
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This $7 medical tool is a surprising must-have in my workshop
@bgr.com 18 days ago
Scientists made electronic skin that mimics the sense of touch
@techcrunch.com 18 days ago
UK Court tosses class-action style health data misuse claim against Google DeepMind
@noolslucas 18 days ago
Inspirational talk @ICULone about #maternalmorbidity - inclusive research, MDT, medical student (J Masterton) #bigdata. So important to think about longer term outcomes - obs patients recover physiologically quickly but more vulnerable to chronic morbidity #OAA23ASM @awisedoctor https://t.co/4kzRNWeGhg
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Everyone should use Personal Voice; it does in 15 minutes what currently takes several weeks
@DeHealth_World 19 days ago
EHDS and Your Medical Records: Who Has Access? The proposed European Health Data Space (EHDS) has ignited discussions regarding the protection and privacy of individuals' medical records. Explore http://bit.ly/42OTmku #medicaldata #blockchain #bigdata https://t.co/zP33QWn4PP
@CES 19 days ago
CES is where the healthcare and medical community converge to explore the role tech plays in advancing medicine. Brands like @AbbottNews, @Dassault3DS, @MedWand, @OmronHealthUS & @Valencell_Inc will be exhibiting at CES 2024. Reserve your exhibit space https://bit.ly/42OPeAM https://t.co/7wELIqLMJs
@CMILab_UFCOM 20 days ago
The @CMILab is at #HuBMAP2023 in Nashville. Here are Drs. Naglah and Sayat presenting on @UF_IC3's efforts educating undergrads to leverage #machinelearning in medicine as part of the #NIH's #PEDP program for underrepresented STEM majors. #AIinMedicine #inclusivity #diversity https://t.co/lK4FthcFHo
@zdnet.com 20 days ago
These $7 medical shears are a must-have in every workshop
@Radiology_AI 20 days ago
Expert panelists @pezlarson @Dr_ASChaudhari @giemmecci discuss the role of synthetic medical imaging data https://pubs.rsna.org/page/ai/blog/2023/05/ryai_editorsblog051623 @Khosravi_Bardia #SyntheticData #MachineLearning #AI #PedsRad #SPR23 https://t.co/9pts59Gdx4
@techcrunch.com 21 days ago
Singapore’s Ora takes a vertically-integrated approach to telehealth
@Radiology_AI 22 days ago
Updating the Checklist for #AI in Medical Imaging (#CLAIM) https://pubs.rsna.org/page/ai/blog/2023/05/ryai_editorsblog051023 @cekahn @PennRadiology #MachineLearning #standard #standards https://t.co/rjprZZGFna
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Telemedicine Rules for Controlled Drugs Extended Post-Pandemic -- for Now - CNET
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11 investors predict a colorful, if difficult, future for psychedelic startups
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VA's Cerner EHR platform fails to deliver medications to veterans
@techcrunch.com 27 days ago
Wingcopter, Germany’s drone delivery startup, raises another $44M from the EIB