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New drug recall issued: Stop taking these cold & flu medicines immediately
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Revolutionary new FDA-approved eye drops help you see without glasses
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Scientists might create exercise in a pill with this newly discovered particle
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Major drug recall: This company recalled every medicine it makes, so check your home
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These shape-shifting robot fish swim through the body to attack cancer
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Drinking coffee could lower risk of stroke and dementia, study says
@tech.eu 2 months ago
Pharmaceutical giant Sanofi invests $180 million in French medical research platform Owkin
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If you take this pain medicine, there’s an FDA recall so stop and call your doctor
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NASA sets new SpaceX Crew-3 launch date after second delay
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Apple and the University of Michigan share early results from diverse Apple Watch health study
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FDA blood pressure medicine recall: Stop taking these pills now
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YouTube bans anti-vaccine videos in expansion of medical misinformation policies
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Apple Watch can detect arrhythmias other than AFib, Apple/Stanford study shows
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If you take this popular prescription medicine, stop immediately and read this
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HomeKit Weekly: Yale Smart Cabinet Lock brings HomeKit support for securing your liquor or medicine cabinet
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Astronaut medical issue prompts NASA to call off Tuesday’s spacewalk
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If you take this popular prescription medication, stop right now and call your doctor
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Telus expands 5G to Medicine Hat and Brooks, Alberta
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Apple looks to hire ‘regulatory project manager’ to manage future Apple Watch health features
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Cops unofficially using apps for face recognition and accessing medical records
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One of the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers is introducing support for Android
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China Offers Medics Digital Yuan Insurance Policy for Covid-19
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Non-invasive blood sugar measurement announced by Apple supplier Rockley
Leaked Google app wants to help people manage personal medical records
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Supposed Google Health app leak shows upcoming medical record handling interface
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Masimo escalates legal battle with Apple, now seeks import ban on Apple Watch Series 6
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Black+Decker Health trackers are the reimagined life alert system for seniors
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Apple reportedly explored setting up primary care clinics, with Apple Watch relaying health data to Apple doctors
@tech.eu 7 months ago
Munich’s digital healthcare startup Avi Medical raises €28.5 million in Series A financing
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New study shows Apple Watch and Fitbit users are more likely to get medical procedures
@9to5mac.com 8 months ago
Apple Watch health features prompt users to get more medical procedures, but without overwhelming doctors
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Dental Clinic in Ontario to Accept Cryptocurrency for Its Services
@9to5mac.com 8 months ago
AliveCor files antitrust suit against Apple over Apple Watch tech and monopolistic tactics
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After investigation, FDA says patient risk is low when it comes to MagSafe and iPhone pacemaker interference
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Apple surveys Apple Watch users on health features, mentions glucose monitoring
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New 3D printing technique could make lab-grown organs more practical
@engadget.com 10 months ago
Russian, Chinese hackers may have stolen European vaccine data
@engadget.com 11 months ago
Scientists sequence 64 human genomes to better reflect genetic diversity
All iPhones, not just the latest ones, can cause magnetic interference with medical devices
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Overstock Turns Medici Ventures Into a Fund to Reap Value of Blockchain Assets
Apple shares new advice for iPhone 12 users with implanted medical devices
Incredible treatment allows paralyzed mice to walk again
How robotic exoskeletons can help paraplegic patients heal from injuries
Google wants to crowdsource data for medial research with its new Health Studies app
Google’s new Android app lets you contribute to health research
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FDA clears Apple Watch app to help treat PTSD-related nightmares
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Overstock Touts Voatz Blockchain Voting App as Solution to US Election Fracas
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FBI warns hospitals of 'increased and imminent' ransomware threat