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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna shines hope on the future of genetic modification at SXSW
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CRISPR-Cas9 inventor Jennifer Doudna’s plans on moving forward, genetically modifying humans
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These genetically modified cyborg dragonflies could perform ‘guided pollination’
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Prosthetic talks to the brain, restores touch in man's hand
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Prosthesis is a huge, terrifying exoskeleton built for real-life mech races
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Are these genetically engineered cows the future of medicine?
@moorejh 3 years ago
The @NEJM SPRINT clinical trial data analysis challenge https://challenge.nejm.org/pages/home #datascience #Informatics #bioinformatics #opendata
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This sponge-like material could revolutionize robotics and prosthetics http://shout.lt/bKrlt via @futurism https://t.co/nk10nL6bt7
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We start @ELIXIREurope track talks at #eccb2016 Human data at medical research #BigData #bioinformatics https://t.co/3Q6hZ6VPf1
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Implantable “memory prosthetic” opens new horizons for cyborg future
@pmarca 3 years ago
"Innovation is dead!""Oh, we can 3D print working prosthetic ovaries now." https://twitter.com/futurism/status/768749817648386049
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Portable bioreactor from MIT produces medications, vaccines on-demand
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RT @PeterDiamandis: Drugs & Olympics? Heck, how about Genetic Engineering, AI, robotics. I want the ANYTHING GOES OLYMPICS. Read here: http://buff.ly/2a8punN
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This genetically engineered ‘living robot’ moves with rat heart cells
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The future of 3D-printed prosthetics