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MIT researchers create an improved nasal swab for COVID testing
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Researchers develop a rapid 3D printing technique that could be used for organs
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New 3D printing technique could make lab-grown organs more practical
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NASA made a necklace that reminds you not to touch your face
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Maker Mask launches in Seattle using 3D-printing technology to produce protective gear
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3D Hubs launches COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund to facilitate production of medical equipment
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
How HP is using 3D printing to help fight coronavirus
3D-printed ventilator valves help out Italian hospital rocked by coronavirus
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This new 3D printing breakthrough will blow your mind
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Scientists just 3D printed a superweapon to fight back against bacteria
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Harvard scientists have found a better way to 3D print organs
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Scientists bioprint living tissue in a matter of seconds
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Mars crew could 3D-print skin and bones for injuries
Custom 3D-printed heads let doctors practice delicate brain procedures
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SmileDirectClub plans to 3D print 50,000 teeth-straightening molds a day
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Scientists print first 3D heart using a patient’s own cells
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Connect Honors 7 New Products as ‘Most Innovative’ at Annual Awards
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Implantable 3D printed organs could be coming sooner than you think
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This veteran firefighter and amputee is building powerful prosthetics for extreme sports
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Scientists have created the first 3D-printed human corneas
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Fictiv Raises $15M To Connect Tech Innovators & Parts Manufacturers
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Scientists 3D-printed ovaries and made mouse babies
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Crunch Report | Judge Rules CRISPR-Cas9 Belongs to Broad Institute
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Researchers implant the first 3D-printed blood vessels into monkeys
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MIT’s shape-shifting 3D-printed objects could improve medicine and solar-power
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"Innovation is dead!""Oh, we can 3D print working prosthetic ovaries now." https://twitter.com/futurism/status/768749817648386049
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Augmented reality makes prototyping easy on Shaper’s Origin CNC machine
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Please disregard this video about 3D printing your next motorcycle helmet
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The future of 3D-printed prosthetics
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3D-printed bespoke wheelchair debuts at Design Week in London
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Lasers and nanoparticles combine to allow metalic 3D printing in midair
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Scientists are getting closer to 3D printing you a new ear if you lose one
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5 trends to watch for in 3D printing in 2015
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Doctors Can Now Successfully 3D Print A Knee Joint
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Australian University 3D-prints body parts for med schools
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Researchers Now Able To 3D Print Working Blood Vessels