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Leaders in clinical and data science joined forces to investigate the answers to important clinical questions using big medical datasets at SCCM's first #DataScience Datathon! #CCC49 #SCCMSoMe https://t.co/xXQ4xr4V4b
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A 2020 Guide to #DeepLearning for Medical Imaging and the Healthcare Industry https://buff.ly/2RN9G3f v/ @Nanonets_ #HealthTech #AI #MachineLearning Cc @DeepLearn007 @evankirstel @ahier @IrmaRaste @JohnNosta @jblefevre60 https://t.co/QmuLuLssSl
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Error leads to coronavirus patient leaving hospital early
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Thrilled to showcase our dedicated lab space at @GustaveRoussy to @girybernard today; here we collaborate closely with medical researchers and spin out AI projects funded by the @iledefrance #Aiforhealth data challenge! #machinelearning #privacypreservation #medicaldiscoveries https://t.co/QXjWnRw8fO
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How #machinelearning Is Changing the Medical Diagnosis With the advancements in processing power, computers are now more powerful than they have ever bee .. http://bit.ly/2uyh4q3 #7wData #InternetofThings #algorithms http://www.7wdata.be/x/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuN3dkYXRhLmJlL2RhdGEtYW5hbHlzaXMvaG93LW1hY2hpbmUtbGVhcm5pbmctaXMtY2hhbmdpbmctdGhlLW1lZGljYWwtZGlhZ25vc2lzLw==/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuN3dkYXRhLmJlL3dwLWNvbnRlbnQvdXBsb2Fkcy8yMDE4LzEwLzkyYmY3NDdiZDU3OTZjMTA1NGVkZjMxOGMxOTdhMWJlLTFqcGVnLnBuZw==/ICAgSG93IE1hY2hpbmUgTGVhcm5pbmcgSXMgQ2hhbmdpbmcgdGhlIE1lZGljYWwgRGlhZ25vc2lzICAg/V2l0aCB0aGUgYWR2YW5jZW1lbnRzIGluIHByb2Nlc3NpbmcgcG93ZXIsIGNvbXB1dGVycyBhcmUgbm93IG1vcmUgcG93ZXJmdWwgdGhhbiB0aGV5IGhhdmUgZXZlciBiZWVuLiBBZGQgbWFjaGluZSBsZWFybmluZywgYSBicmFuY2ggb2YgY29tcHV0ZXIgc2NpZW5jZXMgd2hpY2ggZm9jdXMgb24gZ2l2aW5nIGNvbXB1dGVy
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This robot excels at drawing human blood - CNET
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A 2020 Guide to #DeepLearning for Medical Imaging and the Healthcare Industry https://buff.ly/2RN9G3f v/ @Nanonets_ #HealthTech #AI #MachineLearning #MWC20 Cc @DeepLearn007 @evankirstel @ahier @IrmaRaste @JohnNosta @jblefevre60 https://t.co/BSQK2WEy6P
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Investigate #Coronavirus epidemic & patient medical data using built-in #Wolfram Language functionality. Join us today @ 11AM CST for a live #DataScience exploration with Rory Foulger & Wolfram High School Summer Camp Alum, Jessica Shi: https://www.twitch.tv/wolfram https://t.co/VyI87TjpdW
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How Emerging #Technology Is Re-inventing The Medical Profession by @LOMBARDI_GLORIA @ Marginalia Learn more http://bit.ly/2V8Gkw3 #MWC20 #AI #BigData #ArtificialIntelligence #Cloud #MI #InternetofThings #Digital Cc: @antgrasso @ylecun @jeremyphoward https://t.co/AZjZZSkLn2
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FDA Approvals For #AritficialIntelligence-Based #Algorithms In Medicine by @ The Medical Futurist @Berci #MWC20 #AI #IoT #BigData #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MI Cc: @jose_garde @modernimprint @leeodden https://t.co/r5tAw7m6L8
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An algorithm that can spot cause and effect could supercharge medical #AI https://buff.ly/2vOeE6Z @techreview #HealthTech #AI #MachineLearning #Robotics #Ethics Cc @DeepLearn007 @KirkDBorne @ahier @jblefevre60 @pierrepinna @MiaD @evankirstel @IrmaRaste @JohnNosta @SpirosMargaris https://t.co/NfwqIpJQqd
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AI, 5G, and IoT can help deliver the promise of precision medicine
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An algorithm, inspired by #quantum cryptography can spot cause and effect could supercharge medical #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #BigData #DataScience @mvollmer1 @NevilleGaunt @Julez_Norton @enricomolinari @Fabriziobustama @KaiGrunwitz https://www.technologyreview.com/s/615141/an-algorithm-that-can-spot-cause-and-effect-could-supercharge-medical-ai/
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Health data sharing rule changes supported by Apple face pushback from hospitals
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Three new Wuhan coronavirus datasets are now live in the #Wolfram Data Repository. Explore genetic sequences, epidemic data & patient medical data. Put your #DataScience skills to the test & join the conversation: https://wolfr.am/coronavirus #nCoV2019
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Singapore condominium to get telehealth kiosk
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Titan Medical’s Cash Crunch Stalls Plans to Get Surgical Robot to FDA
@WIRED 12 days ago
The problem starts with the world’s reliance on Chinese drug manufacturing. The country is the world’s largest producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and much of the US drug and medical supplies are made there 2/ https://wired.trib.al/XTkbh8h https://t.co/aVbHCtMmee
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Potential HIV vaccine hits major snag in testing
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[Some Best Of #AI from Last Year] The Use of Natural Language Processing to Extract Unstructured Medical Data From Text https://buff.ly/2Chb2xi v/ @insideBigData #NLP #MachineLearning #BigData #DigitalHealth @JimMarous @Chris_Skinner @MikeQuindazzi @jblefevre60 @ahier @IrmaRaste
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UAE Health Ministry Debuts Blockchain Platform for Medical Data
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Connected Medical Devices by @antgrasso #IoT #BigData #InternetofThings #Digital #DigitalTransformation #Industry40 #Tech #Technology #Fintech #Healthcare #HealthTech #Industrial #IndustrialIoT #Health Cc: @spirosmargaris @patrickgunz_ch @ronald_vanloon https://t.co/hfg41yP7IM
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Medical errors common before cardiac arrest on wards mostly diagnosis delay (Hodgetts 2002) some #IHCA get #ICU late increasing morbidity/mortality may #AI #DataScience identify high-risk pts? check @CritCareMed papers #FOAMcc Churpek M #ESICMdata20 @ESICM #MachineLearning https://t.co/k9OmyqKJ0t
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Our CSO & Co-Founder @ronpirana spoke about "Building a Medical Device with R" today at rstudio::conf. It's not easy, but at InsightRX we pride ourselves in precision dosing done right! #rstudioconf #rstats #datascience https://t.co/AQJXhuW57a
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SF tech biz forks out $146m in fines, settlements after painkiller makers bribed it to design medical software that pushed opioids to patients
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Drone delivery: Medical supplies will soon be flying around San Diego
@venturebeat.com 18 days ago
UPS and Matternet will begin delivering medical supplies via drone at UC San Diego Health
@geekwire.com 18 days ago
Microsoft launches $40M initiative to solve global health challenges with AI
@mobilesyrup.com 18 days ago
Study finds virtual assistants give ‘disappointing’ responses to health questions
@venturebeat.com 18 days ago
UPS and Matternet will soon begin delivering medical supplies via drone at UC San Diego Health
@geekwire.com 20 days ago
Robot is helping to treat man with coronavirus in special isolation room at hospital north of Seattle
@idownloadblog.com 21 days ago
Editor’s Desk: Apple’s changing encryption story, patient data access
@9to5mac.com 22 days ago
Apple attending meeting next week promoting improved patient access to health data
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You haven't done any data cleaning unless you received an excel file created by a medical doctor -> edited by assistant -> edited by physician scientist -> edited by couple of biology researchers -> handed to you! God bless me! #rstats #datascience #python https://t.co/tP6nnatZRH
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Medical marijuana dispensary breach leaves thousands of users exposed
@HSLavoie 23 days ago
47% of physicians and 73% of medical students said that they are currently seeking out additional training to prepare for data and #digitalhealth innovations. Top areas were adv. statistics, #datascience + population health management. https://stan.md/2NSQSNv @StanfordMed
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The "genomic autopsy" - a sad, though invaluable use of DNA science helps to solve a long-standing medical mystery _News: https://www.inquirer.com/health/amish-deaths-sudden-cardiac-arrest-genetic-20200123.html #serverless #iot #meded #snrtg #scicomm #technology #bigdata _Journal: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamacardiology/article-abstract/2758306 #cardiology #genomics #RareDisease https://t.co/ZEJqJiNxXP
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From apps, wearables & implantable medical devices to drones & satellites, ~20 billion “things” share data. @WEF in #Davos, our panel explored unleashing the power of #bigdata to solve healthcare's greatest challenges while giving patients control. #wef20 https://t.co/TSIWf99cb7
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Your medical info is caught in a battle between privacy and access
@abcnews.go.com 24 days ago
Ancient voice: Scientists recreate sound of Egyptian mummy
@thenextweb.com 24 days ago
3D printing body parts is close — but it needs proper regulation
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KT, Samsung Medical Center Jointly Develops 5G-powered Medical Service
@thefastmode.com 25 days ago
KT, Samsung Medical Center Jointly Develops 5G-powered Medical Service
@mashable.com 25 days ago
Your medical marijuana info may have leaked in this major dispensary breach
@thenextweb.com 25 days ago
Data sharing is key to an AI-driven medical revolution
@zdnet.com 25 days ago
Data leak strikes US cannabis users, sensitive information exposed
@Mindinventory 25 days ago
The #healthcareindustry is currently tapping into the potentials of #BigData to improve medical services and deliver better care. Let’s check out how. http://bit.ly/323oWKS via @Datafloq
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Scientists just 3D printed a superweapon to fight back against bacteria