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Eisai Pulls Weight Loss Drug From Market After FDA Flags Cancer Risks
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Revolution Medicines IPO Reels In $238M to Take On RAS in Cancer
@WIRED 18 days ago
The problem starts with the world’s reliance on Chinese drug manufacturing. The country is the world’s largest producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and much of the US drug and medical supplies are made there 2/ https://wired.trib.al/XTkbh8h https://t.co/aVbHCtMmee
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AI-created medicine to be used in human trials for the first time
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Aimmune Awarded First FDA Approval for a Peanut Allergy Therapy
@Paula_Piccard 22 days ago
AI-created drug to be used on humans for first time @BBCNews @janewakefield #AI #MachineLearning #Medicine #Health #Drug #Technology https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-51315462 https://t.co/OeWwXylZYK
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Pfizer Taps Insilico Medicine to Use AI for Drug Target Discovery
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Black Diamond Lines Up IPO as Lead Cancer Drug Nears Clinic
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Ads for drug injury lawsuits were a problem long before they targeted HIV prevention medication
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FDA approves new drug that immediately treats migraines
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FDA approves first US Ebola vaccine: What you should know
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Amgen’s Osteoporosis Drug Wins European Nod, With a Heart Warning
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This is what we are doing with artificial intelligence and drug discovery. We are looking for volunteers to join us. #AI #machinelearning #drugdiscovery #medicine #healthcare https://medium.com/@sukantkhurana/join-us-for-using-artificial-intelligence-in-drug-discovery-50e664ec6f28
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Another company gets FDA designation to treat depression with psilocybin
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Novartis to Acquire MedCo and FDA-Ready Cholesterol Drug for $9.7B
@_atanas_ 3 months ago
Search for Therapeutic Agents for Cardiac Arrest Using a Drug Discovery Tool and Large-Scale Medical Information Database #CardiacArrest #DrugDiscovery #DataScience https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fphar.2019.01257
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Injectable electrodes may help treat everything from chronic pain to depression
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Roche to Pay Dicerna Pharma $200M to Team Up on Hepatitis B Drug
@SwissCognitive 4 months ago
#MachineLearning #HealthCare @penn_state developed a machine learning tool that analyzes data on drug-drug interactions and may be able to warn providers about potential negative side effects of medication combinations. Read more: http://ow.ly/5D6n30pJxHt cc.: @RoblemVR
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FDA OKs Lilly’s Lasmiditan, First New Acute Migraine Drug in Decades
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UCB Stakes Out Autoimmune Territory With $2.1B Deal for Ra Pharma
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FDA issues strong warning to avoid all THC and ‘street’ vapes
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Fred Hutch spinout SEngine raises $5.1M to test cancer treatment drugs against a patient’s tumors
@ENERGY 4 months ago
.@argonne becomes newest member of the Accelerating Therapeutics for Opportunities in Medicine, or #ATOM, in hopes of using #AI & #MachineLearning to revolutionize the current drug discovery process into a faster, more patient oriented model. ➡️ https://bit.ly/2oe8itL https://t.co/FYHejhI5pn
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"What makes #AI and #machinelearning based drug discovery so exciting is its potential to transform the idea of personalized medication for specific biological profiles." Read more about our efforts to accelerate the journey from #data to drugs: http://ow.ly/m9ZP50wtSbP
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MedCo Preps for FDA Filing as Cholesterol Drug Clears Last Two Tests
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Drug Pricing: Innovation, Investment, and the Public Good
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High blood pressure drug recall expands again over cancer risk
@slashgear.com 5 months ago
Another popular heartburn drug gets FDA cancer warning
@medical_xpress 5 months ago
#Bigdata, bench science suggests drug may slow Parkinson's progression in people @uiowa @jclinicalinvest https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-09-big-bench-science-drug-parkinson.html
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DARPA seeks psychedelic drugs that don’t cause hallucinations
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Bio Roundup: Award Winners, Lung Data, Dems on Drug Pricing & More
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Google puts drug addiction recovery info front and center
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After First Look at House Drug Plan, Stocks Rise Slightly
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Frequency Plans IPO for Hearing Loss Drug & More Regenerative Meds
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Bio Roundup: MedCo’s Pricing Plan, Vertex’s Gamble, uBiome Undone
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Here’s what the actual research says about the dangers of cannabis use
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As Cholesterol Drug Aces Big Test, MedCo CEO Open to Flexible Pricing
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New PCSK9 Cholesterol Drug Faces Tough Foe. (Hint: Not Cholesterol.)
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Pfizer Spinout SpringWorks, Migraine Drug Firm Satsuma Prep IPOs
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Popular migraine drug recalled over potentially serious bacteria risk
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Superbug tuberculosis treatment gets FDA approval as cases skyrocket
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Chasing Blueprint, Deciphera Plans FDA Filing for GI Cancer Drug
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Bio Roundup: Pfizer’s Future, CRISPR in Patients, Drug Imports & More
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Contractors Working on Siri 'Regularly' Hear Recordings of Drug Deals, Private Medical Info and More Claims Apple Employee
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African Country Turns to Blockchain to Stem Deadly Fake Drug Epidemic
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Another Way In Which Patents Contributed To The Opioid Crisis: Hospitals Ordered Not To Use Better, Less Problematic Medicines
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Popular blood pressure drug may boost risk of developing bowel disease