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Israel restricts COVID-19 phone tracking to 'special cases'
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Samsung gets approval for Galaxy Watch Active 2's ECG, but only in Korea
Crypto Healthcare Project Announces Telehealth Exchange for Remote Medicine
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Fitbit's in-app study will determine if wearables can detect COVID-19
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Scores of medical device manuals uploaded to support pirate repairs
Tip: set your iPhone to automatically share your Medical ID information during emergency calls
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New Coronavirus Vaccine Advances to Phase 2 Human Trials
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Fitbit hopes to make ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Google and Mount Sinai use Nest Cams to remotely monitor COVID-19 patients
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WHO will launch a COVID-19 app for countries that don't make their own
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FDA Approves CRISPR-Based Coronavirus Test
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iOS 13.5 can automatically share your Medical ID in an emergency call
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Apple will let users automatically share medical IDs on emergency calls
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iOS 13.5 beta adds ability to share Medical ID information while making an emergency call
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Fitbit launches its first large-scale study to detect irregular heartbeats
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France will start testing its COVID-19 tracking app the week of May 11th
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India requires all workers to use its COVID-19 tracking app
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Apple Maps now shows COVID-19 testing sites across the US
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Brain implant breakthrough may reverse paralysis
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UPS will use drones to deliver prescriptions to retirees in Flordia
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Australia rolls out COVID-19 tracking app with privacy concerns
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US blames China for hacks allegedly targeting COVID-19 research
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Dyson won't build ventilators for the UK after all
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Instagram founders reunite to create a COVID-19 spread tracker
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Amazon is using thermal cameras to screen warehouse workers for COVID-19
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Instacart is expanding Costco pharmacy deliveries nationwide
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Sports could return this year: Streaming without fans
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Raspberry Pi will power ventilators for COVID-19 patients
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Apple shares more details of how COVID-19 contact tracing will work
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Apple, Google reportedly team with UK's NHS on COVID-19 tracing app
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Apple Maps will show COVID-19 testing locations
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Apple and Google are collaborating on COVID-19 contact tracing
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Google will display virtual healthcare options in Search and Maps
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MIT is working on a way to track COVID-19 while protecting privacy
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Scientists actually reversed stroke damage in rodent tests
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Facebook will provide free Portal devices to UK hospitals and care homes
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Amazon extends return window amid coronavirus pandemic
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France is developing an app to track the spread of COVID-19
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Self-driving shuttles are ferrying COVID-19 tests at a Florida clinic
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YouTube will remove videos falsely linking COVID-19 to 5G
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Amazon reportedly in talks to test warehouse workers for COVID-19
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At Stanford’s AI Conference, Harnessing Tech to Fight COVID-19
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Researchers Create AI-Powered Blood Test to Detect Cancer
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T-Cell Receptor Sequencing using Neural Networks https://bit.ly/2QTqbcY #health #neuralnetworks #medicine #machinelearning via @Medium https://t.co/ccLfNcsQjO
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Here’s How New York City Will Split Ventilators to Treat Covid-19