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Moderna’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine enters Phase 2 with human testing
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NASA reveals 8 US companies that will make its COVID-19 ventilator
How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Healthcare
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Xanax, a common anxiety medication, might actually block coronavirus
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The UK is cracking down on sales of fraudulent ‘anti-5G’ USB sticks
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Israel restricts COVID-19 phone tracking to 'special cases'
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#Coronavirus Tests the Value of #ArtificialIntelligence in Medicine https://www.healthleadersmedia.com/innovation/coronavirus-tests-value-artificial-intelligence-medicine #COVID19 #Healthcare #HealthTech #AI #IoT #MachineLearning #DigitalTransformation #FutureofWork cc @IrmaRaste @_atanas_ @HealthcareLdr @jblefevre60 @digitalcloudgal @JolaBurnett
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US Senators propose giving $2 billion to healthcare facilities for broadband
Hydroxychloroquine linked to higher risk of death in coronavirus patients
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Fitbit's in-app study will determine if wearables can detect COVID-19
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Scores of medical device manuals uploaded to support pirate repairs
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'Americans Are Getting Screwed' With Lab Testing, Says Pomp Interviewee
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Moderna details positive Phase 1 experimental COVID-19 vaccine results
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Top researcher believes an effective coronavirus treatment could arrive this year
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New Coronavirus Vaccine Advances to Phase 2 Human Trials
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Cyprus Hospital to Deploy DLT-Based Medical Data Management
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Fitbit promises low-cost emergency ventilators made for COVID-19
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Fitbit hopes to make ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic
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4 Ways that Analytics and #AI help fight the #Coronavirus: 1)Medical Resource Optimization 2)Demand Planning 3)Contact Tracing 4)Situational Awareness/Response Analysis https://bit.ly/2KZwjNA by @SASsoftware ————— #COVID19 #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning #SASVisionary https://t.co/0DWAWoPrYj
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UW Medicine ramps up study of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for COVID-19 treatment
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Google and Mount Sinai use Nest Cams to remotely monitor COVID-19 patients
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4 Ways that Analytics and #AI help fight the #Coronavirus: 1)Medical Resource Optimization 2)Demand Planning 3)Contact Tracing 4)Situational Awareness/Response Analysis https://bit.ly/2KZwjNA by @SASsoftware ————— #COVID19 #BigData #DataScience #MachineLearning #SASVisionary https://t.co/5X147sOpzz
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Don’t Let Trump, Or Any Politician, Dictate Your COVID-19 Response
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A special drug combo is speeding up recovery in coronavirus patients
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WHO will launch a COVID-19 app for countries that don't make their own
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FDA Approves CRISPR-Based Coronavirus Test
Facebook and YouTube are rushing to delete “Plandemic,” a conspiracy-laden video
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Seattle healthcare workers to receive first respirators built by Ford and 3M
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A revolutionary new coronavirus drug might be ready this summer
Is getting pregnant “medically necessary” right now?
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iOS 13.5 can automatically share your Medical ID in an emergency call
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US human trial of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines underway at Pfizer
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Smart Band-Aid tracks your coronavirus symptoms
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Oxwash, UK startup using ‘spage-age technology’ to sterilise laundry, gets £1.4 million in funding
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France will start testing its COVID-19 tracking app the week of May 11th
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India requires all workers to use its COVID-19 tracking app
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A drug thought to worsen coronavirus infections might actually help people recover
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NASA’s Coronavirus Ventilator Gets FDA Approval
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Coronavirus medicine remdesivir just got its most important endorsement yet
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Coronavirus quarantine fatigue spurs Fauci warning of ‘inevitable’ 2nd wave
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Stanford University lab repurposes scuba gear into reusable PPE
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Apple Maps now shows COVID-19 testing sites across the US
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Blockchain Mends Medical Supply Chain to Counter COVID-19 Challenges
Five things we need to do to make contact tracing really work
Google’s medical AI was super accurate in a lab. Real life was a different story.
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UPS will use drones to deliver prescriptions to retirees in Flordia