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This Week In Techdirt History: February 2nd - 8th
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Michael Hayden Ran The NSA And CIA: Now Warns That Encryption Backdoors Will Harm American Security & Tech Leadership
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The WIRED25 Festival Is Back—Get Ready to Fix Things
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Miners, Botnets, and Monero Create Perfect Storm for Cryptomining
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U.S. intelligence agencies are still warning against buying Huawei and ZTE phones
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New leaked files reveal more about NSA satellite eavesdropping
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Study shows government snooping is scaring people away from reading about terrorist groups
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Really understanding Apple's legal brief in the FBI case
Google backs Apple on encryption debate as things heat up
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Senate passes NSA surveillance reform bill
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Obama asks Germany to 'give us the benefit of the doubt' on NSA surveillance
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#CES2015. Meet the Internet of Things That Will Monitor You For The NSA!
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RT @hblodget: FORMER NSA OFFICIAL: Here are 4 things that Snowden got totally wrong http://www.businessinsider.com/expert-here-are-4-things-edward-snowden-gets-wildly-wrong-about-the-nsa-2014-10
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Privacy in the Internet of Things era: Will the NSA know what’s in your fridge?
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What VC legend Peter Thiel thinks of Edward Snowden, net neutrality and Bitcoin
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German government cancels Verizon contract over NSA concerns
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Dylan’s Desk: Our phones have a constitutional right to privacy. It’s up to us to use it