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Ex-NSA hacker finds new Zoom flaws to takeover Macs again, including webcam, mic, and root access
@9to5mac.com 2 months ago
Ex-NSA hacker made four pieces of state-created Mac malware run his own code
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Ex-NSA chief Mike Rogers and Team8 founder Nadav Zafrir will be at Disrupt SF
Leaky Martin will be livin' la vida lockdown: Ex-NSA bod cops to taking home 'up to 50TB' of hush-hush dossiers
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Cryptocurrency mining attacks using leaked NSA hacking tools are still highly active a year later
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Ex-NSA Chief: #Ransomware Is Still Here, and It's as Dangerous as Ever https://buff.ly/2JP1N70 #CyberSecurity #infosec #AI #Malware #Fintech #Blockchain #Chatbots #Bigdata #datascience #Privacy #Privacymatters #hack #hacking #databreach #crypto https://t.co/XrKcGJyA9v
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Virtru’s new API brings encryption tech built by ex-NSA engineer to third-party developers
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Ex-NSA hacker drops macOS High Sierra zero-day hours before launch http://zd.net/2fM57Ti @zackwhittaker https://t.co/REzMxkiiaD
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After WannaCry, ex-NSA director defends agencies holding exploits
@WIRED 3 years ago
Jessica Chastain gets a little help from her ex-NSA friends in this exclusive 'Miss Sloane' clip.
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Ex-Watergate investigators urge Obama to show leniency to Edward Snowden
@techcrunch.com 3 years ago
Email and file encryption service Virtru, built by ex-NSA engineer, raises $29 million
@pmarca 3 years ago
RT @MaxBoot: Ex-NSA attorney re Russian responsibility for DNC hack: "about as close to a smoking gun as can be expected." http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/27/us/politics/spy-agency-consensus-grows-that-russia-hacked-dnc.html?smprod=nytcore-ipad&smid=nytcore-ipad-share
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#Analyticship:#BI,#BigData,#Analytics;Ex-NSA Hacker Shows How To Make A Car Dance To Your Tunes? https://www.devbattles.com/en/sand/post-4052-ExNSA_Hacker_Shows_How_To_Make_A_Car_Dance_To_Your_Tunes#.V4bN8g2f6O8.twitter
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Ex-NSA boss says FBI’s plan for ending encryption is a terrible idea
@thenextweb.com 4 years ago
The UK’s new snooping law changes are all about money, says ex-NSA tech chief
@pmarca 4 years ago
RT @csoghoian: “A hole is a hole” - ex-NSA/CIA Director Michael Hayden. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/07/26/even-the-former-director-of-the-nsa-hates-the-fbi-s-push-for-new-surveillance-powers.html http://t.co/BlpPD7OqxD
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RT @csoghoian: An ex-NSA official on the foreign intelligence value of Clinton's emails http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/security-of-hillary-clintons-private-e-mail-server-comes-under-scrutiny/2015/03/10/fcccfb78-c737-11e4-aa1a-86135599fb0f_story.html http://t.co/CcLWFs8gmi
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Edward Snowden wrote and shelved an anti-surveillance manifesto
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European regulators suiting up for another round with Google — this time about Android
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‘Bug Bounty’ pioneer Gus Anagnos leaves PayPal for security startup full of ex-NSA spooks