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NSA Reportedly Developing Quantum-Resistant Crypto
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Edward Snowden and human rights groups slam NSA bill that's rushing through Congress
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The NSA wants to monitor pacemakers and other medical devices
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FBI tells legislators a 'mistake' was made in handling of terrorist iPhone
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The NSA's web surveillance program is alive and well and living overseas
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NSA dodges another lawsuit because nobody can prove agency is spying on them
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Judge dismisses Wikimedia lawsuit over NSA surveillance
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Leaked NSA documents show AT&T had a 'highly collaborative' relationship with spy agency
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Merry Christmas! The NSA's gift is a list of all the times it wrongly spied on you
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NSA's internet surveillance faces constitutional challenge in court
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Congress will probably fail to pass NSA reform, in pursuit of perfection — and Presidential politics
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An artist sent the NSA the world's most secure mixtape
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New report says the NSA is checking who visits Tor's website
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The new NSA director downplays damage from the Snowden leaks
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Activist groups fly 'illegal spying below' sign over NSA data center